"Annoying Orange: A Cheesy Episode"
Episode 12
Annoying Orange A cheesy episode

Annoying Orange A cheesy episode

Characters: Orange, Cheese
Airdate: March 5, 2010
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"Luck o' the Irish"

Annoying Orange: A Cheesy Episode is the twelfth episode of The Annoying Orange series. This episode features a slice of cheese and how much extreme pain a food will undergo when annoyed by Orange.


The episode starts with Orange saying puns about Cheese and about other things, with a block of Cheese with a short temper constantly gets annoyed by this. When Orange tries to annoy him again, Cheese eventually had enough of this and starts singing, which Orange follows him until Cheese finally gets fed up, and requests to die. When Grater came to grate him into cheese for a pizza, Cheese became overjoyed of this, and thinks that he will not regret. Meanwhile, Cheese survived and was still being annoyed by Orange, while Cheese regrets his suicide, and then starts whimpering.

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