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"Annoying Orange: Back to the Fruiture"
Episode 27
Back to the fruiture
Characters: Orange, Pear, Evil Orange, Future Orange, Steve the Strawberry
Airdate: June 11, 2010
Episode Reference: Back to the Future
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Back to the Fruiture is the 27th episode of the Annoying Orange series. This episode introduces oranges from the future coming to save, or kill Orange.

This episode would take place sometime after Founding Fruits, because the Whistling Pinwheel is seen, when is supposed that Future Orange took him.

The Whistling Pinwheel also returns to the series after Luck o' the Irish.


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The episode starts with Orange and Pear in a heated argument over the whistling pinwheel, (as seen in Luck o' the Irish) when suddenly, a ball of lightning appears and another Orange wearing goggles comes out. The other Orange tells Orange that he came from the year 2053 and that he is from the future. Orange is unconvinced, and demands proof. The future Orange shows him his future drivers licence and his ray-gun, but Orange is still unconvinced. When future Orange shows Orange his glow stick, Orange is finally convinced. Future Orange explains that he was sent from the future to warn Orange that an evil warlord wants to kill present day Orange, causing future Orange to never exist. He then tells him that the whistling pinwheel is the most powerful weapon in the universe, capable of destroying anything. Pear refuses to give up the pinwheel when a second ball of lightning shows up and the warlord appears. The warlord takes the pinwheel and uses it to obliterate Future Orange. Pear demands to know why the warlord killed future Orange. The warlord removes his visor to reveal another Orange, who explains that the future Orange was really the warlord and that he wanted to kill him. The episode ends with the two Oranges laughing and Pear whining "Oh, god.", much like in the end of the first episode.

Fruity Question of the day

If you could time travel, where would you go?

-I would go to the dinosaur era.

-I would go 20 years in the future.


Annoying Orange Back to the Fruiture

Annoying Orange Back to the Fruiture

"Annoying Orange: Back to the Fruiture"
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