"Annoying Orange: Excess Cabbage"
Episode 17
Exess Cabbage
Characters: Orange, Celery, Cabbage, Onion, Knife (as object)
Airdate: April 9, 2010
Episode Reference: Excess Baggage
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Excess Cabbage is the seventeenth episode in the Annoying Orange series. This epsiode features a cabbage who helps Orange get his groove back after he loses it.


The episode begins with Celery bragging about his life. Orange then interrupts him with an unfinished joke, but Celery angrily ignores him. Cabbage asks him why he's feeling down, but Orange says he's just sitting too close to Onion. Cabbage then does his best to give Orange his mojo back and Cabbage succeeds when Orange says he has stink eye. Cabbage likes that, but then Orange starts to annoy him, making Cabbage regret giving Orange his mojo back. The others laugh at Orange's jokes as well. Cabbage is mad at Orange, because he helped him and then Orange just stabbed him in the back. Coincidentally, this was when Knife comes in which was used to cut up Cabbage. Onion apologizes and says "you'll never know when your time is up", but he gets cut up when he finishes his emotional speech.




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Annoying Orange Excess Cabbage

Annoying Orange Excess Cabbage