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"Annoying Orange: Happy 5th Birthday!"
Episode 292
Annoying Orange Happy 5th Birthday!

Annoying Orange Happy 5th Birthday!

Characters: Orange, Pear, Midget Apple, Marshmallow, Apple, Strawberry, Toaster, Jon Bailey, Gabriel Iglesias, Justin Johnson, Luke Barats, Maria Menounos, Ross Everett, Sean Klitzner, Wassabi Productions, Bobjenz, Brittani Taylor, Collective Digital Studio, Elliott Morgan, Floyd Norman, Katers17, Mike Kazaleh, Tony Valenzuela, Andy Mogren, Olga Kay, Brock Baker, Chad Sahley, Flula Borg, Greg Benson, Kim Evey, iJustine, Jess Lizama, Joe Nation, Wonton, Jon Tucker, Lauren Francesca, Tobuscus, Kate DeFronzo, Tom Sheppard, Zack Scott, Margot McDonough, Steve Zaragoza, Taryn Southern, Lisa Schwartz, Tom Kenny, Andy Paley, Etan Libwurd,Erick Fay, Melissa Krebs, Onion Jyugaad Singh
Airdate: October 9, 2014
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Happy 5th Birthday! is the 42nd episode of Season 6 and the 292nd overall. Orange gets messages from his fans to wish him a happy fifth birthday.

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Thanks to all my friends and fans for an incredible 5 years!
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