• Orange and Marshmallow are the characters who turn evil because of the meteor.
  • In this episode, Orange turns into Mandarin Orange, a fruit that looks almost like an orange.
  • Aveggies are a team of Iron Man masks with different features, who are actually the fruits (and marshmallow) that left in the kitchen.
    • ​Pear (green mask) - throws a toaster at MO(Mandarin Orange).
    • Grapefruit (big yellow mask) - a rocket launcher that missiles at MO.
    • Grandpa Lemon (small yellow mask) - the Snore Machine that pushes MO to a pole.
    • Midget Apple (Iron Apple) - laser beam, also the leader of Aveggies.
    • Marshmallow (white mask) - shoots a rainbow beam.
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