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"Annoying Orange: Jalapeño"
Episode 56
Characters: Orange, Pear, Jalapeño, Fruit Basket, Habanero, Knife (as object)
Airdate: December 17, 2010
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"Mystery of the Mustachios"
"Wishful Thinking"

Jalapeño is the 56th episode in the Annoying Orange series. This episode features a smooth talking jalapeño pepper and a basket if adoring fruits.


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The episode begins with Orange trying to talk to the the Fruit Basket, who's busy swooning over Jalapeño. Orange then tries to annoy Jalapeño, but to no avail for he is too cool, calm and collected. The peach asked Jalapeño if he would be interested in a peach, "Of course," he answers smoothly and the girls have a swooning riot. Pear notices this and asks Orange how Jalapeño was able to do it, Orange replies "How am I supposed to Jalapeño," and starts chuckling, Jalapeño said Orange reminds him of someone and the video shows a flashback of a younger version of himself being annoying. Jalapeño requested for Orange to sing. Orange sings, but Jalapeño says he has no talent, but he has passion. Orange and Pear say its just citrus and then, Jalapeño teaches Orange how to sing, the Fruit Basket start swooning again Jalapeño asked for request and then got knifed. He was still able to talk and said inspirational and wise quotes, which Orange thanked him for.


Fruity Question Of The Day

Who's hotter than Jalapeño?

Leave your answer in the comments!


James Caan Chairman of, more known as a famous actor as Jalapeño

Shira Lazar as Peach

Created by Daneboe

Written by Spencer Grove


Annoying Orange Jalapeño

Annoying Orange Jalapeño

"Annoying Orange: Jalapeño"
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