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Voice: Due to circumstances beyond our control, there won't be a new episode of Annoying Orange this week.

Orange: What?! That blows!

Voice: It sure does!

Orange: So what? I just gotta sit here all week and wait for the next episode?

Voice: Yes.

Orange: Boring.

Voice: Well, kind of. We could play a game to pass the time.

Orange: Yeah. Let's play the game where you have a new video to upload.

Voice: I can't do that.

Orange: You're an apple.

Voice: I was just trying to help.

Orange: Hey! Hey, I got an idea!

Voice: What is it?

Orange: How about a contest?

Voice: What kind of contest?

Orange: One for the fans!

Voice: Now you're talkin'! What do they have to do?

  • Orange explains how to do the Picture Contest, the prizes and the deadline*

Voice: And speaking of Next Friday, we'll also return with a slew of new episodes, released every Friday morning!

Orange: Yeah, you better or else.

Voice: Or else what?


Voice: Okay, okay, okay, okay, OKAY, OKAY!

(Orange laughs, and text appears)

Voice: OW! That landed right on my foot! Stupid flying words...