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Wazzup 3: Bonsai Tree, also known as Wazzup 3, and Bonsai Tree is the 41st episode in the Annoying Orange series. It is a sequel to Wazzup and Wazzup 2: Wasssabi.


Orange starts chanting "Pear" over and over again, and Pear wants him to stop. Orange says he wants to do a duet, before Midget Apple makes his second appearance (first one was Crabapple). Then, a Party Platter comes up on the table. Orange questions what they are, and they reply to him that they are the "Party Platter", saying that they want to party. Everyone says "party" before everyone goes "Partyyyyy-yyyy-yyyyy-yyyy". They keep repeating until a big Bonsai Tree appears. Orange screams until Party Platter asks what's wrong. He replies that the kitchen is being invaded with Mutant Broccoli. Bonsai says he's not a mutant broccoli, but a Bonsai tree. Orange and Bonsai keep saying "Bonsai" until everyone says Bonsai. They say "Bon-saiii-iiii-iiii-iii". Midget Apple says he needs to sneeze, and after he does, Orange says bless you. They continuing saying Bonsai, until the cheese on the Party Platter unexpectedly is picked up and chopped. Everybody screams, as the Party Platter is taken away. Bonsai asks who cut the cheese. Hearing this, Orange thought it was a joke, but Bonsai says it is not and asks him who did.

Fruity Question of the Day

If apples keep the doctor away, what do oranges keep away?!


Weezer as Party Platter

Created by Daneboe

Written by Daneboe and Spencer Grove

Watch music video by Weezer...