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Neo Theta's guidelines - 2020 Edition
  • Characters like Smoothie, Piggie Bank and Apple Pie are combinations of multiple characters, and can be covered in the seperate characters' pages.
  • Unless it is specifically stated to be a clone, any time a main-character appears in multiple places at once, the "other" Orange does not get its own page.
  • If it doesn't talk and doesn't have eyes, it is not a character.
  • Names from "Too Many Fruits" are not to be used anywhere other than the "other names" box
  • Characters that are knifed/blended and take different forms (Example: Tomato turns into ketchup) are considered dead.
  • Very minor characters that appear in less than 1 scene don't need their own pages.

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Gecko was a mascot working at the major car company Geico and a very respected car insurance spokesperson. Gecko was the mascot for Carco, the company of car insurances for whom he works for. Being annoyed by Orange because he thought Gecko was an apple, he was ironically ran over by a passing car, which irritated Pear because Gecko was supposedly their ride back home to the kitchen.

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The 2020 Category project is a community organization project managed and operated by Loveable Cats. The main purpose of the project is to remove unnecessary and duplicate categories from pages so this wiki can be better organized.

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Annoying Orange Wiki was launched in January 2010 by KooKooManGuy. At that time, the wiki was relatively small, garnering only a few more contributors. While the wiki was being started, there was only one thing in mind: making the best, most reliable, and cleanest reference source about The Annoying Orange. The Wiki started to grow drastically when Danny, the wiki's special and smart user, and Bryce, the wiki's king, started to contribute. Because of their participation, the wiki's persistent vandalism and spam have been erasing quicker and easier. Please help the wiki by cleaning up vandalism and building up stubs. Thank you for your participation!

The Annoying Orange is one of YouTube's most popular web series. It was created by Minnesota film student, Dane Boedigheimer (under the pseudonym Daneboe) and

his company, Gagfilms. The series originally started out as one video, but because of its growing popularity, Boedigheimer had begun making more videos, and Annoying Orange eventually became a successful web show, which has also launched it's own television series. The first videos were uploaded under Boedigheimer's YouTube channel daneboe, but then Boedigheimer created a channel dedicated to Orange. As of 2020, the channel is ranked the 622nd most subscribed of all time. More than 10,000,000 YouTubers have subscribed to Orange's channel.

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