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Annoying Orange Wiki
This page in a nutshell: Users who make unconstructive edits will be blocked from editing.

User Blocking Policy

In Annoying Orange Wiki, vandals, spammers, and users wrongdoing can lose their privilege to edit. Sometimes it can range from a couple of hours, to months, years, and sometimes indefinite. (Note: Sockpuppet accounts will be blocked indefinitely without any warnings)

For a vandal to be blocked, they must be warned at least twice to stop their disruptive editing.

The blocking action is limited to administrators. Administrators can block the vandal by using this form.

Blocking should NOT be used as a punishment towards others; just to stop the wiki from being persistently harmed. With over 3,730 articles, Annoying Orange Wiki is a big target towards vandalism, as the series itself is popular on YouTube.

Appealing a block

Feel free to appeal a block if you are blocked, and you feel the block is unwarranted or not appropriate. Use the template {{unblock|your reason here}}, replacing "your reason here" with an appropriate reason, to have your block reviewed.

Rollbackers, bureaucrats, and administrators can decline the request, by using the template {{subst:unblock declined|1=original reason|2={{subst:declinerequest}} ~~~~}}, replacing the decline request template with their own reason, and original reason with the vandal's reason to unblock; if you do not replace "{{subst:declinerequest}}" with anything,

Administrators can accept the request by using the template {{subst:unblock accepted|1=original reason|2=reason ~~~~}} and by unblocking the blocked user.

Admin Blocking Policy

Starting April 1st 2021, All wikis are required to follow Fandom's global blocking policy. When giving a block, admins will need to identify which local wiki policy that the offender violated. The wikis are also required to make the wiki rules and policies clear to all users. Annoying Orange Wiki now lists all of our policies in the wiki navigation.