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We are not a social networking website like Facebook or YouTube. Please do not violate the Manual of Style with edits similar to comments on YouTube or Facebook.

On YouTube, there are numerous comments with phrasing such as "i am the best", which is not allowed here. We are an encyclopedia, thus our content should be in good shape. Who would read an encyclopedia that has bad punctuation, grammar, and content written by three-year-olds?

If the edits do not involve editing the readable legible content, violations of this policy are acceptable; however, top contributors like Bryce53 and Brainulator9 still tend to be bothered by that.

What do I mean?

According to Bryce53:

"What I mean is by the idiotic behavior that has been happening on Annoying Orange Wiki. There are anonymous users who act like they have poor education. Either they act like this, or their parents did not get strict about their education. I want every single user, no exceptions, to act grown up, to act respectfully to one another, and to follow the upcoming policies originally written. So please, don't act this like YouTube."

There are millions of people who registered on Facebook. Since it is a website, people tend to type just good enough so others can understand their intention. But on an encyclopedia, content must be written in good style. A real encyclopedia would not be published in a bad style. Pretend that people are paying you to read the Annoying Orange Wiki. How would they like it?

What happens if you violate this policy

You will be warned accordingly. Continued violation will result in a block, typically enough to pay your expense.

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