If you want to become an admin, please read this.

How to become an administrator

First, ensure you meet all necessary requirements. This includes:

  • having at least 250 edits
  • have an account at least one month of age
  • no blocks within the past two months
  • avid support of spam and vandalism elimination

After that, please read the following instructions carefully:

  1. Replace "USERNAME" in the textbox below with your username and press "Nominate yourself".
  2. Once you clicked "Nominate yourself", replace "YOUR DESCRIPTION OF YOUR INTENTIONS OF BEING AN ADMIN" with your description of your intentions of being an administrator. Please make the most accurate description as possible.
  3. Go to the "questions" section and answer the questions with thorough complete answers.
  4. Save the page.
  5. Contact MrFlamerBoy via his message wall saying that you have nominated yourself for adminship.
  6. If MrFlamerBoy accepts your request, he will put the nomination in voting; if he declines it, he will leave a note on your talk page and delete the nomination. The only way for MrFlamerBoy to decline your nomination is by not following the above instructions.
  7. Now, go ahead!