Apple tv show
Gender Male
Played by Harland Williams
Death Sliced by Teddy Juicer (revived), eaten by Jason Jr. and a Doom Hound (revived again), exploded (revived again), eaten by Coconut (revived again), eaten by Venus Fruittrap (revived again)
First Appearance Marshmalia

Apple is a main character on The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange and a member of Banana Monocle. He'll get bruised, though he usually ends up even worse just by staying behind.


Apple is one of the main television-exclusive characters (the others being Nerville and Coconut). Apple seems to be the most pessimistic, but realistic member of the gang. He has endured a lot of situations that any other apple would end up dying in (examples being sliced, crushed or partially eaten) due to his strong core (as revealed in Sir Juice-A-Lot). Apple also stands as the second voice of reason in the group (and is only appreciated by Pear and Banana). Whenever he tries to give a realistic, yet pessimistic statement, he is often jeered by the others. Midget Apple claims that he's "giving their kind a bad name". Unlike the other reccuring characters, Apple's last appearance was in Fruitballs. Though his latest appearance was in that episode, the latest appearance of any relative of Apple's was in Mash of the Titans. His ancestor, Appilles, was eaten by Patrice the Porcupine-Whale.


  • He has survived being squashed, knifed, fried, partially eaten, getting holes shot straight through him and explosions due to his strong core.
  • He is occasionally mixed up with Apple, despite being of different shape, color and portrayer.
  • He's normally in some way 'hated' by other fruits and is called an apple as if it were an insult.