"Boom! Pow! Broccoli!"
- Broccoli Overlord's famous quote
Broccoli Overlord
Commander Broccoli
Gender Male
Played by Rob Paulsen
Death Single-Spaceship Chase by a Meteor
First Appearance Night of the Veggie Zombies

Broccoli Overlord is the main antagonist of The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange. He and his minions dream of living in a world without fruit, and they devise many schemes to try and destroy all fruit on earth. However, many of his plans fail due to Orange devising a plan to defeat him and his minions.


Since the beginning of the series, the Broccoli Overlord, who was at the time known as Commander Broccoli, has always hated fruit and has tried everything he could to destroy all fruit on Earth (especially Orange and the gang). Broccoli Overlord's first attempt at vegetable world domination was in Night of the Veggie Zombies, when he had converted inanimate discarded vegetables into a race of veggie zombies using the technology of his mothership. This new race of veggie zombies fed on the flesh of fruit. However, Orange, with his extremely annoying laugh, was able to rid (almost) the entire world of zombie vegetables on live television. Broccoli Overlord's next plan was to implant a laser cannon into Nerville's brain in Fruitastic VoyOrange. Orange and the gang were able to be reduced to a small fraction of their original size and remove it manually with the help of Dr. Fruitenstein. The Broccoli Overlord went in to chase them, but they had already escaped by that time, and Dr. Fruitenstein refused to restore him to his original size. After a long hiatus, the Broccoli Overlord came up with another plan to torture Orange and his friends in Escape from the Island of Dr. Fruitenstein. Ironically, he teamed up with Dr. Fruitenstein even after their whole ordeal. At first, their plan was going smoothly, but Broccoli Overlord soon found out that Dr. Fruitenstein was planning to combine fruit with vegetables. Broccoli Overlord refused to allow this to happen, and actually helped Orange and his friend escape the island. Dr. Fruitenstein, furious, tried to stop Broccoli Overlord, but was kept in a temporary bubble until the machine crossed the Broccoli Overlord with Dr. Frutienstein. Since then, Broccoli Overlord devised numerous plans during season 2. So much so, that the gang was actually getting tired of having to fight him, making remarks like "This guy again?" and "How many times is this guy going to show up?" In Little Cart of Scaries, Broccoli Overlord was asked why he resorted to such evil ways. He explained (in a musical number) that he was read the story "Snow White" to by his mother during his childhood. He at first rooted for Snow White, but photosympethized with a wicked with instead. Since then, he has been an evil broccoli and always will be an evil broccoli (who even published his own evil broccoli manifesto.) On the 17th of March in 2014, Broccoli Overlord devised his biggest plan yet: to destroy the fruit cart and the entire grocery store. However, this time, he had put together an entire food army to do it, and has teamed up with some of Orange's worst enemies: El Dente, Banger, Polly, Tub and a newly-introduced enemy, Fish Overlord. He had sent broccoli ninjas to capture and freeze Nerville, and gave Orange 8 hours to surrender the fruit cart and grocery store (or he would have possibly held Nerville captive forever). Desperate, Orange gets help from the Wise Old Fruit, while the other try to defeat the Overlord's food army. The wise old fruit told him to "Look for a sign above the docks, it's the key to the door you wish to unlock." At first Orange thought that his advice was bogus, but he then saw the luminescent sign hung at the back of Daneboe's above the loading docks, and thought up an idea. His idea was to babble incessantly, distracting the food army until they were hit by a produce truck. Broccoli Overlord, furious, made an attempt to straightforwardly blast Orange with a laser gun, but this attempt failed due to a blow from another produce truck. Broccoli Overlord was then sent spinning completely out of control, swearing revenge on Orange once again. However, considering that it was the series finale, Broccoli Overlord's current fate is unknown. It is also unknown whether or not he will ever get revenge on Orange again.