Captain Obvious (formerly Sailor Obvious) is an onion sea captain and reccuring character who frequently states the most obvious things. He is seen in various episodes. It is a possibility that he will become a main character in the future.


Captain Obvious was first introduced as a joke filler in Angry Orange (much like Midget Apple and Squash), and he continues to annoying the angry orange along with Orange. He then appeared in the very next episode, Gut Wrenching. This was showing that his popularity was increasing. He was put in charge of Orange and Pear's sailboat simply because he was a captain. However, he wasn't trained, as he was unable to avoid their ship being eaten by a whale. Luckily, he, along with Orange, Pear and Pinocchio were blasted out of the whale due to Mr. Cricket igniting himself. Since then, Captain Obvious has made multiple appearances saying the most obvious things. He was voted most likely to say the obvious in Cruel Middle School.


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Captain Obvious loves to say the most obivious things that are currently happening. 


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