Gender Male
Played by Dane Boedigheimer
Death None, but almost eaten by the Halloweenie
First Appearance Muddy Buddy

Carrot was a character who appeared in Muddy Buddy. MysteryPotatoMan said that he didn't care about him, due to his frustration with Orange. Pear says he was just kidding, while Orange uses the air horn (trying to "cheer him up"). In Frankenfruit, he was caught by Frankenfruit, and when Frankenfruit was attacked by the Halloweenie, he was possibly eaten... He hated MysteryPotatoMan


  • "Well, I don't care for you either. (cries)"
  • "Really? What?"
  • "(cries)"
  • "(screams)"


  • If the viewer looks closely at the Halloweenie attack, one of the intensive carrots escapes and survives. It means that he or the other intensive carrot could appear in a future episode.
  • He is the first intensive carrot in the series.
  • He was one of the the arms of Frankenfruit
  • His face is not shown on Frankenfruit.
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