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The main characters of The Annoying Orange

The Annoying Orange is a web series that aired it's pilot episode on Friday, October 9, 2009. Over it's course, many new characters have been introduced and their popularity has grown, eventually marking them as main or recurring characters. Click here for the TV series' character guide, here for the character guide for Liam's YouTube series and click here for The Marshmallow Show's character guide.

Main Characters


Orange is the protagonist of The Annoying Orange, and is either the main, focus of most shorts. Orange is depicted as an annoying orange, hence the name, he is almost entirely disliked by everyone, and is notorious for his terrible humor and childishness. It is currently unknown why Orange likes annoying others. Orange grew up in a farm, but he was so annoying that the other fruits kicked him out, launching him in the sky, and landing in The Kitchen.


Pear is the deutragonist of The Annoying Orange, and is the secondary character in most shorts. Pear is depicted as a smart, but uninteresting green pear, often the voice of reason in The Kitchen, often annoyed by Orange. Pear also likes reading books and is very interested in literature. Others call Pear "boring", and to make up for this, he tries being "extreme" and "metal", but the others don't change their minds.

Midget Apple

Midget Apple is the tritagonist of The Annoying Orange, tied with Midget Apple, and is the tertiary focus in most shorts. Midget Apple is depicted as a small, red apple, annoyed by others calling him "Midget Apple", and rathers to be called "Little Apple". Despite of this, Midget Apple is his official name. Since being called a midget and often made fun of Orange, Midget Apple wishes to be big.


Grapefruit is the tritagonist and former antagonist of The Annoying Orange, tied with Midget Apple, and is mostly paired with Midget Apple in challenge videos. Grapefruit is depicted as a large, yellow grapefruit, and he likes to flex on his muscles, and he currently has a rivalry with Orange for the attention of Passion Fruit, but over the years, the rivalry has become much tamer.


Marshmallow is a major character of The Annoying Orange, but today, they don't make an appearance that often. Marshmallow is depicted as a small, fluffy and white marshmallow, with an unconditional love for everything, especially unicorns, rainbows, and anything regarded as "cute". Marshmallow's love has limits, though. When Grapefruit burnt a picture of Princess Butterfly Kiss, Marshmallow got so angry that they destroyed the whole Kitchen.

Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit is a major character of The Annoying Orange. Today, she hardly makes an appearance. Passion Fruit is depicted as a dark purple passion fruit, with a calm personality. Orange has a crush on her, but hides it. Grapefruit on the other hand, openly has a crush on her. Orange and Grapefruit have a rivalry between each other because of this. Passion Fruit had been dating G.G., but she has since broke up with him since they found out they were cousins.

Grandpa Lemon

Grandpa Lemon is a major character of The Annoying Orange. He very rarely makes an appearance in any shorts. Grandpa Lemon is depicted as a yellow, elderly lemon that sleeps often. Grandpa Lemon complains about why "kids these days" do things what they do. He says that his hearing is almost gone. He also likes telling stories about his early life.


Apple is the first character to be introduced aside from Orange, prominently appearing in the episodes Hey Apple! and Microwave Effect, but can be seen revived in other episodes. Apple is depicted as a normal sized red apple. Apple is constantly annoyed by Orange's terrible humor and childishness, and he got knifed. According to Microwave Effect, Apple would rule The Kitchen and enslave everyone that wasn't an apple if he didn't get knifed.

Recurring Characters


Despite being a giant gourd that crushes everything in sight, Squash actually doesn't want to hurt anybody. He is, aside from Knife, one of the most depressed of the crew. Each time he accidentally crushes someone, he is very disgusted and regretful by his actions.


The sole murder weapon of the group. Appeared since the very beginning, he has been summoned by Orange on many fruits, vegetables and many other things. Despite his purpose, Knife is actually very kind at heart and doesn't actually want to hurt anyone. He, like Squash, is always regretful and disgusted by his unintentional actions.

Liam the Leprechaun

Considered one of the infamous characters, Liam had always deplored Orange's annoying behavior and swore revenge on Orange since the day he was crushed by his own pot of gold. However, his life back at home isn't too well, either. He is always picked on by his boss and a very rude four-leafed clover.

Captain Obvious

One of Orange's accomplices in annoyance, he tends to state some of the most obvious things that even a 3-year-old could figure out. The whole gang (except Orange and Marshmallow) gets very irritated by this.

Nude Dude

Another annoying member of the group, but wait... he's an apple! But unlike the other apples, he's peeled. Leading him to believe that he's actually naked. Nude Dude is actually proud of this, and his pride definitely shows.

Copper Lincoln

When you think of President Abraham Lincoln, you think of a strictly professional man who is all work and no play. Copper Lincoln is nothing like who he resembles. Instead, he is a cut-loose, fun-loving free spirit who always finds a reason to either dance or celebrate.


All energy drinks claim that they're the best, and will keep you up all night. However, none of them can perform like Zoom. The official energy drink of 2012, Zoom is able to give you a full night's rest in 30 seconds, and will keep you up and active for the next 10 hours. The only energy drink that can top that is Zip, and of course, the mixture of itself and Zoom, known as Zoop.

Dr. Bananas

The craziest, yet most intelligent member of the group, Dr. Bananas is known for making revolutionary, yet deadly inventions. He also has trouble when deciding what options to put on his machine dials.


They hide all over the kitchen, they are tough to find, they're Mustachios. Worried that their flavor will expose them as a nice snack, these little nuts with facial hair must hide before they are caught by a hungry person seeking a nice afternoon or midnight snack.