Coconut Cannon
Cocount As Bobjenz
Gender Male
Played by Shane Dawson
Death Knifed (revived)
First Appearance Kung Fruit

Coconut Cannon was the main antagonist of the episode Kung Fruit. He is a master of Kung Fruit who wants to be the king of the kitchen. He is the mortal enemy of Ninja Fruit. Coconut Cannon wanted control of the kitchen, so he took down everyone in the kitchen and took control for a little while, making Grapefruit a jester and everyone else except Orange his prisoners. Finally, Orange gets the help of Knife and eliminates Coconut Cannon, saving the kitchen from Coconut Cannon's control. He later appeared in Out of the Blue.


  • Oddly, when he is attacking the others, one of his belt's ribbons changed appearance - the Japanese kaiju printed on it became the word "KARATE".