Ugh. The eternal inner void. If only there were something to fill it!
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Coconut is a main, yet recurring character of The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange. He does not appear as often as Apple, and doesn't have many speaking roles. However, many of his speaking roles involved him being the announcer for a special event (examples being a race, a talent show and Recyclorama). The rest of his speaking roles involve him saying some of the oddest or nonselsicle thing, followed by an excuse of him "being tired of sitting there with his mouth half opened." His most major role was in King Coco, when he has swallowed a radioactive space rock and was mutated into a giant anthromorophic coconut with limbs.


Coconut was one of the main members of the gang since the first episode, but never usually spoke very much. In Sir Juice-A-Lot, he was blasted out of two cannons in a row, causing him to spontaniously explode. However, he was mysteriously revived like many other characters in the series (a strong example being Apple). Since then, he has made most of his appearances as a background character of an episode, or the announcer for a special event. Coconut, however, tended to join more of Orange's misadventures in Season 2 (much like newly introduced members Ginger and Banana). Coconut's first and only major role was in King Coco. While the rest of the gang (except for Ginger, Banana, Marshmallow and Peach) were able to spit seeds, Coconut had explained that coconuts don't actually have seeds in them, but are the seeds themselves. This led Orange to think that Coconut was still an infant, which caused him to tease Coconut. However, Coconut saw a flying radioactive space rock, thinking it was a comet, and made a wish to be big. But as it actually plummetted towards the store and shattered the window, Coconut has acidentally swallowed it, causing him to grow into a mutant anthromorophic Coconut with arms and legs. As he grew, he ate Apple whole and took Nerville to the top of a very high building in downtown Fruitville County. The whole gang then took to some drones and find a way to remove the effects of the space rock. Coconut had struck down Banana, Grapefruit and a pineapple, but Orange was able to successfully place some antacids into Coconut's stomach, causing him to reutrn to his normal state. Towards the end of that episode, Passion Fruit told Coconut never to consume radioactive space rocks ever again, and Coconut agreed. Since then, Coconut has made appearances as a background character with little to no speaking roles as usual.

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