Copper Lincoln (a.k.a. Copper Abraham Lincoln) is a recurring character of The Annoying Orange. He is a small replica of Abraham Lincoln, a member of Precious Metal and a supporting character of The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange.


Copper Abraham Lincoln first started out as a mere penny in the episode Magic Clam. The penny being swallowed by Oyster resulted in a small, copper statue replica of Abraham Lincoln. However, unlike the other objects that Oyster had swallowed, he remained a replica of Lincoln even after Oyster died. Since then, Copper Lincoln had been a recurring character and asset of Annoying Orange. Copper Lincoln has made numerous appearances in The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange. You'll notice that he appears in every episode, but is hidden somewhere (much like the Mustachios). Copper Lincoln had joined a heavy metal band in 2012 with Knife and Iron Fist. He has also joined a community watch group with Cobalt Lincoln and Brass Lincoln. He also competed with Marshmallow in doing Fortnite dances.


Copper Lincoln as a penny

  • He created his first solo song called "Let's Play Some Video Games Tonight" following the tune of "Celebration". This proved how much his popularity had grown from November of 2011 to March of 2014.
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