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This page contains characters that have been turned into a certain object or dish as a result of death or a severe mutilation in which Orange usually laughs at. Here is a list of those characters:

Death Results

Image Name Description Episode
JackOLantern.png Jack o' Lantern Was the result of Pumpkin being hollowed and carved. "Plumpkin"
Ketchup.png Ketchup Was the result of Tomato being blended. "TOE-MAY-TOE"
OrangeJuice.png Orange Juice Was the result of More Annoying Orange being knifed and juiced. "More Annoying Orange"
CheesePizza.png Pizza Was the result of Cheese being grated onto a pizza. "A Cheesy Episode"
PineappleRings.png Pineapple Rings Was the result of Pineapple being sliced into multiple Pineapple rings. "Pain-apple"
OnionRings.png Onion Rings Were the result of Orange's curse after Robert Jennings, Kevin Brueck, Theresa Barket, and Dan Heinan watched the Cursed Onion Ring Tape. "The Onion Ring"
GrandpaLemonade.png Lemonade Was the result of Grandpa Lemon being knifed and juiced. "Grandpa Lemon"
ApplePieDeathResult.png Apple Pie Was the result of Green Apple, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, and Granny Smith being shredded into pieces and baked into a pie. "Teenage Mutant Ninja Apples"
Popcorn.png Popcorn Was the result of Cob overheating due to anger and exploding. "Wazzup Blowup"
Gumball.png Gummy Candy Ball Not necessarily a death result, however, it was the result of the gummy foods intermingling during the gumwar and eventually getting stuck together. "Gumbrawl"
PiggyBank.png Piggy Bank Was the result of the fake fruits being recycled. "Fake N' Bacon"
FrenchFriesDay.png French Fries Was the result of many potatoes being sliced and deep-fried. "Fry-day"
Smoothie.png Smoothie Was the result of Coconut, Lime, and Banana being blended together. "He Will Mock You"
ApplesauceMarshmalia.png Applesauce Was the result of Apple being blasted by the Big Rock Candy Monster "Marshmalia"
Applesauce.png Burnt Applesauce Was the result of Apple being struck by lightning. "Dr. Strange Plum"
GrapeJelly.png Grape Jelly Was the result of Grapes being juiced and turned into jelly. "Escape from the Planet of the Grapes of Wrath"
FarmRaisons.png Raisins Were the result of the Sour Grapes running out of seeds to spit at Orange and the gang. "Escape from the Planet of the Grapes of Wrath"
Bruchetta.png Salsa Was the result of Tomato being minced by Teddy Juicer. "Welcome to My Fruitmare"
Coleslawsortof.png Coleslaw Was the result of Cabbage being crushed by an anvil. "Annoying Ways to Die"
MorePopbndo.png Popcorn Was the result of Cob being pushed into a microwave by Popcorn. "Pop Star"
NightmareBruchetta.png Salsa Was the result of The Caliente Kings enduring a car crash. "The Fast and the Fruitious"
Guacamole.png Guacamole Was the result of The Avocados enduring a car crash. "The Fast and the Fruitious"
Groundbeef.png Ground Beef Was the result of a meat patty enduring a car crash. "The Fast and the Fruitious"
Shelf.png Shelf Was the result of all three boards being sawed in half and made into a shelf. "BORED!"
CherryPieDeathResult.png Cherry Pie Was the result of the cherries crashing into each other during a Nas-Char chariot race. "Orange Julius Caesar"
LettuceSalad.png Salad Was the result of Julius Caesar Salad and his chancellor being attacked by the limes. "Orange Julius Caesar"
MoreBruchetta.png Bruchetta Was the result of a blindfolded Marshmallow smashing the tomatoes and cheeses with a wooden spoon, thinking that they were a piñata. "Orange Julius Caesar"
Omelette.png Omelet Was the result of Eggsenberg's hot sauce becoming unstable and exploding, cooking him, Messy Pinkman, and Hankon Heat together. "Breaking Bad Eggs"
Margaritas.png Margaritas Were the result of many limes (and eventually Brad the Lime) being blended and mixed with tequila. "Limes"
Turducken.png Turducken Was the result of Duck and Chicken being stuffed inside Turkey. "Turducken"
TinyCookie.png Cookie Was the result of Cookie Dough being baked. She ended up very small due to being nibbled at many times before being baked. "Cookie-DOH!"