Deviled Egg
Gender Male
Played by Furious Pete
Death Electrocuted by Angel Food Cake
First Appearance The Deviled Egg

The Deviled Egg is a character who only appeared in Deviled Egg. He goes around the kitchen giving fruits and vegetables their heart's desires in return for their souls. He puts the souls he gathers in his fanny pack of despair. Orange wishes for a kazoo, the same one that he used in Cereal Killer, but it was granted to him in one peace. When requested to hand over his soul, Orange then pointed him to an actual sole fish. Orange was then granted an extra wish, which for him was a .kankazoo,which is kangaroo kazoo hybrid. It was then that Deviled Egg collected Orange's soul and placed it inside Fanny Pack. However, since Orange's soul gets so annoying, it forces Fanny Pack to regurgitate all of the souls and puts them back into their rightful bodies (except Marshmallow and Pear, whose souls got put into the wrong bodies). Deviled Egg than claimed he would return with his duffel bag of despair.