Donald Trunk
Donald Trunk
Gender Male
Played by Kevin Brueck
Death Smashed by Frying Pan
First Appearance Annoying Orange: Donald Trunk

'Donald Trunk' was the main focus of the episode of the same name. He is based off of Donald Trump, the president-elect (later President) of the United States.

In The Episode

Donald was one of the candidates running for president in the episode, the others being Hillary Minton and Bernie Sandwich, he intended on building a wall to seperate the kitchen from all the other rooms of the house, and to ban muffins because they had "poppy seeds" and "blueberries". He also made up a language that only consists of the words "bing" and "bong". At the end of the episode he was killed by Pan.


  • Donald's personality is very similar to his real world counterpart, such as intending to build a wall, and to ban illegal immigrants.
  • His made-up language of "bing" and "bong" is based off a video of Donald Trump giving a speech, saying how cars and trucks go "bing bong."