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Dr. Bananas is a very intelligent recurring character that invents many things to help make life more convenient. However, his inventions end up shortening lives instead. He has had a Facebook account since the day of his debut, and was even active during the time that he was decapitated. He usually appears with new inventions to help with a certain problem that Orange or any other member of the gang may have. He is also a medical doctor treating injuries and gives surgery such as removing a Kidney Seed. Sometimes, his inventions get destroyed by orange.


He is a banana with some noticeable brown spots on his forehead. He has a lab coat with a green bow tie and green goggles with red lenses. He seems to have a green "Elvis" hairdo and has stitches on his peel ever since he was revived. Ever since Season 7, he now has facial hair, probably because of his portrayer.


Dr. Bananas first appeared in the episode of the same name. He was seen trying to sell some of his inventions to Orange, Pear and Midget Apple. His inventions usually have peculiar options on their dials. An example being the Fruitlicator Duplicator, which had the options "decimate" and "duplicate" on the same dial. Because of this, Dr. Bananas was knifed because he had an option on the dial of the Pester Bester that summoned knife. After about a year of being decapitated, Dr. Bananas returned in Honey I Shrunk The Fruits and created an invention known as the Spice-Twice Splice Machine, which was able to reattach the top half of his body. He then used the Shrinky-Dinky Fruitalizer-Minimizer to shrink Orange, Pear, Midget Apple and Marshmallow down to one hundredth their original size. It was also able to sterilize Grapefruit's muscles. In an attempt to restore their size to normal, Dr. Bananas invented the Biggy-Wiggy Fruitalizer-Maximizer. He first tested it out on a nearby apple to make sure that it wouldn't end up killing Orange and the rest. It was revealed that he had the dial set to "explode" instead of "expand". Eventually, he was able to restore them to their original size and unsterilize Grapefruit's muscles, causing him despair for the remainder of the episode. However, he had accidentally expanded Marshmallow and a giant germ to 100 times their normal size, causing even worse destruction. However, this was rectified after the episode. Since then, Dr. Bananas has made appearances with inventions that are intended to help Orange or anyone else with a certain dilemma.



It was seen as a murder weapon which killed Lime in the process of testing it out, in which he said that this machine held no safety options.


Dr. Bananas was seen offering it to Midget Apple, making it hit him on the head twice with subtitles "wham" and "bam", making him say "Thank you, ma'am!", hence the name. Dr. Bananas offered it at a price of $2,000 and it has not appeared since.

Fruitlicator Duplicator

It was an invention with the sole purpose of duplicating a fruit or vegetable. Dr. Bananas offered it to Orange, because of Orange's wish to have a second clone of him in which to tell knock-knock jokes to. However, it was tested on Radish who died due to the fact that the dial was set to "decimate" instead of "duplicate". It is somewhat similar to the clonizer.

Pester Bester

It was an inventions with the purpose of making a fruit or vegetable less annoying. It was tested on a fruitfly, making Dr. Bananas realize that he accidentally had the dial set to "vaporize". He made a second testing on Orange, making him realize he had the dial set to a wrong option again. At first he thought it was set to "pizza party", but later found out it was actually set to "knife", causing him to get knifed.

Spice-Twice Splice Machine

A composition of a radio and 5 live popsickle sticks. They were seen reviving Dr. Bananas and singing song of becoming one. They were also his assistants in inventing and marketing.

Shrinky-Dinky Fruitalizer-Minimizer

This was used to shrink Orange, Pear, Midget Apple and Marshmallow down to one one-hundredth of their original size. It was seen being offered at a ridiculous price of $15.99.95 while shrinking Orange and the others, and sterilizing Grapefruit's muscles, making him "ripped".

Biggy-Wiggy Fruitalizer-Maximizer

This invention was used to expand something to 100 times their current size. It was seen being tested on an apple, which was killed due to the fact that the dial was set to "explode" instead of "expand". However, Orange, Pear and Midget Apple were successfully restored to their original size, and unsterilizing Grapefruit's muscles (much to his dismay). However, Marshmallow and the giant germ were expanded rather excessively, posing a huge threat to kitchen safety. This problem was resolved after the episode.

Avatar Wreakhavoctar

This was used to put Orange into the body of a "blue" alien hybrid fruit. However, the rest of the gang had discovered that Orange was put into the body of an eggplant, which was purple instead of blue.


Dr. Bananas crafted dinosaurs with partial pig genes in Jurassic Pork.

Cloning Ray

Dr. Bananas invented the Cloning Ray to presumably make a clone army. It was also used to make a clone of Orange and a clone of Midget Apple.


Season 4 (2012)

Dr. Bananas