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Season 4 Name YouTube Summary Release Date
4ep1.jpg FPS Orange Orange shows us the Kitchen Cannon. It goes BOOM BOOM, and we like that. January 6, 2012
4ep2.jpg 1 BILLION KILLS! Every Annoying Orange Kill Scene to one video!


January 13, 2012
4ep3.jpg Once Upon an Orange Orange visits different fairy tales...and leaves his mark. January 20, 2012
NoImageAvailable.png Billionth View No description available. January 23, 2012
Comedyroast.jpg Annoying Orange Comedy Roast! All your favorite stars from Annoying Orange return to roast Orange! January 27, 2012
Fruitbowl.jpg The Fruitbowl ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FRUITBALL!!!! Orange and Pear call the big game! Who will win the big game!? Will Midget Apple come through!? February 3, 2012
Datinggame.jpg The Dating Game Passion Fruit meets the man of her dreams...or does she? February 10, 2012
Poisonapple.jpg Poison Apple Orange helps the Magic Mirror find a poison apple for Snow White...but not very well. February 17, 2012
Hewillmockyou.jpg He Will Mock You Three new fruits try to make fun of Orange. BIG MISTAKE. February 24, 2012
Mortalcombat.jpg Annoying Orange vs. Mortal Kombat No description available. March 2, 2012
Marshmallowtease.jpg Ultimate Marshmallow Tease Marshmallows...Love...EVERYTHING. March 5, 2012
Drbananas.jpg Dr. Bananas A fast talking inventor peddles his amazing...yet deadly inventions. March 9, 2012
Leprechauntrap.jpg The Leprechaun Trap Catch that pesky Leprechaun...with the Leprechaun Trap! March 16, 2012
Hungrygames.jpg The Hungry Games There can only be one survivor in the kitchen arena! March 23, 2012
AO20.jpg Annoying Orange 2.0!!! The final episode of the web series as you know it...time for AO 2.0!!! March 30, 2012
Easterisland.jpg Easter Island Orange and the gang travel to Easter Island, and awaken a terrible beast in the volcano! April 6, 2012
Marshfavoritedog.jpg Marshmallow's Favorites: Doggy Videos No description available. April 9, 2012
Marsh5.jpg Introduction To "Husky Dog Talking" Marshmallow's favorite doggy videos! #5: Husky Dog Talking "I love you" April 9, 2012
Marsh4.jpg Introduction To "Denver Official Guilty" Marshmallow's favorite doggy videos! #4: Denver Official Guilty April 9, 2012
Marsh3.jpg Introduction To "Marshmellow the WHITE pug puppy" Marshmallow's favorite doggy videos! #3: Marshmellow the WHITE pug puppy April 9, 2012
Marsh2.jpg Introduction To "Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog" Marshmallow's favorite doggy videos! #2: Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog April 9, 2012
Marsh1.jpg Introduction To "Ultimate Dog Tease" Marshmallow's favorite doggy videos! #1: Ultimate Dog Tease April 9, 2012
Favoritemarsh.jpg What Was Your Favorite Doggy Video? What was your favorite doggy video!? COMMENT BELOW! April 9, 2012
Askorange4.jpg Ask Orange 4: Master Chef! Orange answers more questions and meets Master Chief! April 13, 2012
Wazzoom.jpg WazZOOM WazZOOOOOOOM!!! April 20, 2012
Boddycops.jpg Buddy Cops Midget Apple and Marshmallow hunt down the cereal killer!!!

Let us know if you want more Buddy Cops by writing WE WANT MORE BUDDY COPS in the comments!

April 27, 2012
Baconinvaders.jpg Bacon Invaders Bacon invades the kitchen!!! May 4, 2012
Ucantsquashthis.jpg U Can't Squash This MC Orange is on the mic...and not even Squash can stop him. May 11, 2012
Toughenough.jpg Tough Enough Orange meets the toughest fruit. EVER. May 25, 2012
Marshmalia.jpg Marshmalia When the U.S.S. Fruiterprise is attacked by alien broccoli, Captain Orange is forced to crash-land on the sickly-sweet planet of Marshmalia. But the Marshmalians are under the tyrannical rule of Big Rock Candy Monster, and it'll take Captain Orange and his enterprising crew to cook up a plan to save the pacifist creme-puffs. May 28, 2012
Bigtop.jpg Big Top Orange Orange and the gang try out for the circus, and have a run in with the Madagascar gang! June 1, 2012
Avocadvro.jpg Avocadbro Dude. Orange meets an Avocado. Radical. June 8, 2012
Behindtheseeds.jpg Behind the Seeds We go behind the scenes of my new TV show! YAY! (Don't worry! New regular episodes of Orange every Friday on YouTube too!) June 11, 2012
Captainbloodorange.jpg Captain Blood Orange The market aisles of Daneboe's are overrun by pirates and blue blood mega-yachts. Who will win this regatta battle royale? June 11, 2012
Askorange5.jpg Ask Orange 5: Once in a Blew Moon! Orange answers all of your most pressing fruit related questions. June 15, 2012
Sirjuicealot.jpg Sir Juice-A-Lot When Passion Fruit is captured by a mysterious dark knight, Orange and his crusaders have to get medieval to save her. But can they storm the castle before Passion is pillaged by a putrid princess? And will Orange's hidden crush finally be revealed? June 18, 2012
OMG.jpg OMG Orange and the gang catch you up on all the biggest fruit-lebrity gossip! June 22, 2012
Veggiezombies.jpg Night of the Veggie Zombies Orange finds a cure for his giggle-chuckle-itis, but when zombified vegetables try to suck the life out of him and his juicy friends, they learn a mortal lesson: don't underestimate the power of an annoying laugh! June 25, 2012
Donuts.jpg Going Donuts Orange meets a Donut that's totally fried out. July 6, 2012
Fruitrix.jpg The Fruitrix Orange finds out that he's stuck in the FRUITRIX!!! Can he escape and save the gang? July 13, 2012
Foundingfruits.jpg Founding Fruits It's Fruitdependence Day, and Grandpa Lemon shares an educational (and oddly touching) story about the history of Amerifruit: Orange Washington, John Adamsapple, Thomas Jefferpear, and Benjamin Franklemon escape the tyranny of King George the Grapefruit and bravely fight for freedom for all fruits! July 16, 2012
Macandcheese.jpg Mac And Cheese Special Agents Mac & Cheese investigate all the killings in the kitchen. July 20, 2012
Fruitvengers.jpg Fruit-Vengers! After swimming in a vat of mysterious goo, the fruit develop superpowers! Now Orange and the Fruit Vengers must save the grocery store from the evil machinations of the juiciest super-villain ever: Grapefruit! July 23, 2012
Aoanimated.jpg Annoying Orange Animated It's the very first episode of Annoying Orange...animated! Relive the episode that started it all! July 27, 2012
Clueberries.jpg Dr. Strange Plum On a dark and stormy night, Orange and his friends attend a dinner party at Professor Plum's creepy mansion. But are they the guests of honor, or the entrée? One by one, the fruit disappear -- and reappear on a platter! Can Orange solve the mystery before he gets sliced, diced, and served? July 30, 2012
Fruitsvszombies.jpg Fruits vs Zombies Orange and the gang take on those pesky zombies! IF YOU'RE ON MOBILE, USE THE LINKS BELOW! August 3, 2012
FruitsvszombiesPEASHOOTER.jpg Fruits vs Zombies: Peashooter Orange and the gang take on those pesky zombies! August 3, 2012
FruitsvszombiesORANGE.jpg Fruits vs Zombies: Annoying Orange Orange and the gang take on those pesky zombies! August 3, 2012
FruitsvszombiesPEAR.jpg Fruits vs Zombies: Pear Orange and the gang take on those pesky zombies! August 3, 2012
FruitsvszombiesPASSIONFRUIT.jpg Fruits vs Zombies: Passion Fruit Orange and the gang take on those pesky zombies! August 3, 2012
FruitsvszombiesGRANDPALEMON.jpg Fruits vs Zombies: Grandpa Lemon Orange and the gang take on those pesky zombies! August 3, 2012
FruitsvszombiesMARSHMALLOW.jpg Fruits vs Zombies: Marshmallow Orange and the gang take on those pesky zombies! August 3, 2012
FruitsvszombiesMIDGETAPPLE.jpg Fruits vs Zombies: Midget Apple Orange and the gang take on those pesky zombies! August 3, 2012
FruitsvszombiesGRAPEFRUIT.jpg Fruits vs Zombies: Grapefruit Orange and the gang take on those pesky zombies! August 3, 2012
FruitsvszombiesNERVILLE.jpg Fruits vs Zombies: Nerville Orange and the gang take on those pesky zombies! August 3, 2012
FruitsvszombiesSQUASH.jpg Fruits vs Zombies: Squash Orange and the gang take on those pesky zombies! August 3, 2012
Badnewspears.jpg Bad News Pears Orange, Pear, Midget Apple, and Marshmallow are the worst bowlers in the grocery store league, but Orange refuses to fall down without a fight. So Grandpa Lemon -- who hit the lanes hard back in his day -- spares some time to train Orange. But will his lessons pull Orange and the team out of the gutter? Or have they pinned their hopes to a fruitless endeavor? August 6, 2012
Summervacation.jpg Summer Vacation No description available. August 10, 2012
Fruitplane.jpg Fruit Plane! Mr. Juicy Fun is coming to the grocery store to demonstrate his Fruit Obliterator, so Orange and the gang decide to cash in their frequent flier miles and get outta dodge. But when their pilot, Grandpa Lemon, falls asleep at the helm, Orange must take the controls and fly the fruit to safety. Will he stick the emergency landing, or will the fruit end up obliterated after all? August 20, 2012
Lofs.jpg Lords of Fruitbush When the fruit get their rinds handed to them by a squad of bad squash, they decide to form their own gang. But they quickly become embroiled in the grocery store underworld, and a free-for-all food fight threatens to ruin the peace of the produce section. Can a juiceless resolution be found? Or will Orange and his home-fruit be forced to settle the score? August 27, 2012
Genderwars.jpg Boys vs. Girls When a little light-hearted teasing between the girls' sleepover and the boys' camp out escalates into an all out prank war, Passion Fruit and Orange are pitted against one another. Will they be forced to do battle? Or can they rise above the petty feud? September 3, 2012
Marshmallowcontest.jpg Marshmallow Pic Contest Winners! We announce the winners of the MM picture contest, and give you a sneak peek of the awesome video coming next week! September 7, 2012
Nyanyastyle.jpg ORANGE NYA NYA STYLE Gangnam Style? No way. Orange goes NYA NYA style. September 14, 2012
Fruitasticvoyorange.jpg Fruitastic VoyOrange Evil cruciferous aliens abduct Nerville and implant a device in his brain that makes laser beams shoot out of his eyes! Now Orange, Pear, and the rest of the fruit cart crew must shrink to microscopic size and embark on a nerve-­‐wracking trek through Nerville's body to remove the alien implant -- all while fighting off a host of miniaturized alien broccoli! September 17, 2012
Buddycops2.jpg Buddy Cops 2: Stachehouse The Buddy Cops are on the trail of Mango LaStache, who is suspected of selling black market mustaches...THAT EXPLODE! September 21, 2012
Monsterburger.jpg Monster Burger! Orange meets the scariest new food in the kitchen...MONSTER BURGER!!! AGGGHHHH!!! September 28, 2012
Eftpotgow.jpg Escape from the Planet of the Grapes of Wrath On vacation at a Napa Valley vineyard, the fruit make friends with some locals. But when the sweet and juicy grapes beg Orange to rescue them from the harvester, how can he refuse? Especially when taunted by an obnoxious sour grape with an acidic personality. Will the fruit get the smooth finish they hope for? Or will this turn out to be a very bad year? October 1, 2012
Clamscasino.jpg Clam's Casino Johnny Clam turns the kitchen into a casino. Orange thinks it's great...but is it? October 5, 2012
Bouncingorange.jpeg Follow the Bouncing Orange Pear takes advantage of Orange's gullibility and sends him off on a pointless quest, where he falls in with a group of lobotomized tennis balls that 40-Love his jokes and set him up as king! When he decides to join the "yellow oranges" as they volley into the tennis ball machine, Pear faults himself and launches a rescue mission with the rest of the fruit. But will they reach the court before Orange gets served up a sudden death? October 8, 2012
Spaghettiwest.jpg Spaghetti West In the Old West, Orange and the gang stumble across a town populated entirely by fruit! But the peaceful residents are shakin' in their boots when a villainous band of Pasta-leros rides into town. With no one else to stand up to the spaghetti outlaws, Orange has to pin on the sheriff's badge. Will he still be standing at high noon? Or will the bandits get the drop on him? October 15, 2012
Pitromney.jpg Pit Romney Presidential Campaign Video Watch Broccoli Obama's Video:

Watch Broccoli Obama and (Peach) Pit Romney debate and to vote for the new president of the kitchen:

October 17, 2012
Broccoliobama.jpg Broccoli Obama Presidential Campaign Video Watch Pit Romney's Video:

Watch Broccoli Obama and (Peach) Pit Romney debate and to vote for the new president of the kitchen!

October 17, 2012
Kitchendecision2012.jpg Kitchen Decision 2012 Candidates (Peach) Pit Romney and Broccoli Obama debate for your vote! Choose who YOU want to be the next Kitchen President:


October 19, 2012
NoImageAvailable.png You voted for Broccoli Obama! No description available. October 19, 2012
NoImageAvailable.png You voted for Pit Romney! No description available. October 19, 2012
NoImageAvailable.png You voted for GYRO! No description available. October 19, 2012
Fruitmare.jpg Welcome to My Fruit-mare Orange is haunted by dreams of Teddy Juicer -- the monster who juices fruit from the inside while they sleep! It's up to Orange to keep everyone on the fruit cart awake, but when his plan fails, he must dive back into dreamland. Can Orange confront his biggest nightmare in time to save his friends? October 22, 2012
Tvofterror.jpg TV of TERROR! Orange and the gang get sucked into your favorite horror movies for Halloween!!! October 26, 2012
Annoyingcutsie.jpg Annoying Cutsie The rest of the fruit won't let Orange join their glee club, so he settles for babysitting duties and teaches a fresh young orange to be annoying. But the rejection continues when the fruit invite the little cutie to join and tell Orange to take a hike! He finds acceptance in a commune of organic bohemian produce, but where will his loyalties lie when the peace-loving protesters occupy the fruit cart? October 29, 2012
Leekoftheirown.jpg Leek of Their Own Orange meets Freaky Leeky. You know what happens from there! November 2, 2012
Newkitchenpresident.jpg New Kitchen President! THE RESULTS ARE IN!!! Watch to see who YOU elected to be the new Kitchen President!!! November 6, 2012
Timetoburn.jpg Time to Burn Orange drinks a bottle of hot sauce...and becomes a fire breathing annoyance! November 9, 2012
Askorange6.jpg Ask Orange 6: Fart Ship! DON'T FORGET TO ASK MORE QUESTIONS!!! Tune in Monday for "Ask President Marshmallow" and every day after for new animated episodes all week!" November 16, 2012
Stoodstill.jpg The Day the Store Stood Still Obsessed with playing World of Modern Mortal Warfruit, Orange doesn't notice that the Sun is still up in the middle of the night! Earth is no longer spinning, and that can mean only one thing: the Earth Hamster has stopped running in his giant exercise wheel. Wait -- what?! Can Nerville, Orange, and the rest of the bunch journey to the center of the Earth and get things rolling again before Earth boils in its own juices? November 19, 2012
Askpresidentmarshmallow1.jpg Ask President Marshmallow 1 Marshmallow answers your most pressing questions!!!

Tune in this week for classic ANIMATED episodes of AO every day!

November 19, 2012
Videogamewazzup.jpg WAZZUP Video Game Style! It's game style! November 20, 2012
Sawanimated.jpg Saw ANIMATED! Emo Clown is animated form! November 21, 2012
Ladypastaanimated.jpg Lady Pasta ANIMATED! No description available. November 22, 2012
Kitchenmon.jpg Kitchen-mon! Orange and Grapefruit battle it out...KITCHEN-MON STYLE! November 23, 2012
Kitchenmontheme.jpg Kitchen-mon Theme Song The song that will make your dreams come true. November 26, 2012
Genericholidayspecial.jpg Generic Holiday Special Since holiday specials are so expensive to film, Nerville and the fruit cart gang decide to make an all-­‐inclusive holiday special they can air all year round! With the comic stylings of the Unknown Banana, and musical guests Li'l Squishy and Lady Pasta, the show is sure to be a hit! Assuming they can keep Orange from being too annoying. November 26, 2012
Christmasisforgiving.jpg Christmas is for Giving Orange rocks the kitchen with a new music video and album this Christmas!

Buy the Christmas in the Kitchen Album on iTunes:

November 30, 2012
Orangecarol.jpg Orange Carol It's Christmas Eve, and Orange's annoying antics are spoiling everyone's holiday cheer. Will a visit from three ghosts bring Orange the holiday spirit? Or will he end up alone, annoying only himself? December 3, 2012
Annoyingwaystodie.jpg Annoying Ways to Die Orange spoofs one of the BEST videos of the year! Watch the original Dumb Ways to Die video here: December 7, 2012
Garrettheparrot.jpg Garret the Parrot What's more annoying than Orange? Orange with a parrot. December 14, 2012
Weirdduet.jpg Weird Al Holiday Duet! Weird Al and Orange sing a holiday duet for you! December 17, 2012
Cheesyslasman.jpg Cheesy Salesman Orange meets a Cheesy Salesman with all the crazy deals!!! December 21, 2012
2012kills.jpg 2012 KILLS! Every kill from 2012 all in one video! It's been a crazy's to another one!!! THANK YOU to all the fans for your support and love!!! December 28, 2012