Evil Orange
Evil Orange
Gender Male
Played by Dane Boedigheimer
Death Destroyed by the whistling pinwheel
First Appearance Back of the Fruiture

Evil Orange was a character depicted as an evil space warlord from the year 2053 who only appeared in Back to the Fruiture, trying to steal the whistling pinwheel. Future Orange was the only one who could stop him from his evil doings, because he knew the location of the whistling pinwheel. In order to save himself, the warlord traveled back to 2010 to get the pinwheel from Orange. He told Orange that he was him from the year 2053. However, Orange was not convinced so he showed him his driver's license but Orange said it was fake. Then he showed him his laser gun. He used it to kill a strawberry named Steve , but still, Orange was not convinced so finally he shows him his glow stick and Orange is convinced. He says that he was sent to protect him from an evil future space warlord because he was the only one who could stop him because he controlled the whistling pinwheel. He tried to get the pinwheel, Pear refused to give it to him, which created just enough time for the real future Orange to return to 2010 and take the pinwheel from Pear and used it to destroy Evil Orange.


  • The last five letters on his 2054 driver's license registration are "KNIFE".
  • He looks and talks similarly to the regular Orange, except that he wears sunglasses. However, he is more serious and anxious.
  • He is so far the only orange that didn't laugh or crack a joke at all.
  • He is the second orange to die in the series, the first being Other Orange.
  • He is the first character to die by lightning. The second is Apple Trebeck.
  • He is the fifth orange in the series.
  • Even though he's an orange, he didn't make a joke or laugh.
  • His signature is "AO".

Evil Orange's Driver's License

  • California
  • 2053
  • Driver's License
  • Annoying Orange
  • The Kitchen
  • California, USA
  • Sex: M
  • Hair: None
  • Eyes: GRN
  • HT: 5 inches
  • WT: 5 ounces
  • DOB:?
  • 01/25/2053 408 232