Gender Male
Played by Grapefruit (Robert Jennings)
Death Attacked and partially eaten by Halloweenie
First Appearance Frankenfruit

Frankenfruit was a mutant humanoid monster made up of various deceased characters who only appeared in Frankenfruit. Frankenfruit is not an individual character but instead made up of 7 characters. However, the only character who talked as Frankenfruit was Grapefruit, who used his new body in an attempt to attack Orange and Pear. He was one of the monsters that the unnamed scientist brought to life. Grapefruit (as the head and the only part of the monster that could talk) wants to take revenge for his death in Passion of the Fruit. He attempted to kill Orange and Pear, but he failed because Halloweenie came and attacked him. After the credits, you can see, that Grapefruit, Grandpa Lemon, and Midget Pumpkin are still alive. Unfortunately for Grapefruit, however, Grandpa Lemon's rear end was in his face.

Body Parts

Name Body Part First Appearance
Grapefruit Head Passion of the Fruit
Midget Pumpkin Chest Frankenfruit
Carrot 1 Left Arm Muddy Buddy
Carrot 2 Right Arm Frankenfruit
Pineapple Torso Pain-apple
Cucumber Right Leg Cruel as a Cucumber
Yellow Bell Pepper Top Left Leg Frankenfruit
Grandpa Lemon Middle Left Leg Grandpa Lemon
Broccoli Minion Bottom Left Leg Close Encounters of the Annoying Kind


  • Only Grapefruit ever spoke despite the other character parts being fully alive. It is possible that either Grapefruit was the head, the only part of a body that can talk, or the rest did not want to.
  • The arms, which are the carrots, are the unique body parts (as their faces aren't seen).
  • He is mentioned in Boys vs Girls as apart of Grapefruit's scary story