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The fruit cart

The Fruit Cart is a location in Daneboe's Grocery Market. An employee named Nerville, who is friends with Orange and the gang, uses the fruit cart as their home and ensures that they don't ever get sold. However, in Sir Juice-A-Lot, he irresponsibly sold Passion Fruit to a dark knight while he was manning a different fruit cart. This is usually the main setting for most episodes that take place in Daneboe's Grocery Market or whenever the fruits are traveling. The fruit cart has many specifications that Nerville activates when need be. Nerville also takes the fruit cart pretty much everywhere he goes. It was revealed in Shakesparagus Speare that the fruit cart was capable of traveling back in time. There is also ample living space inside the fruit cart (as shown in Avocadotar and Orange Belt). Nerville was even able to fit inside the fruit cart in Marshmalia and Marshmallow Wedding.


Image Name Appeared In Description
USSFruiterprize USS Fruiterprize "Marshmalia", "Marshmallow Wedding" Was used to travel through space. Nerville had manned the engine while it was in use, and was able to fix the lanyard after they crashed on Marshmalia. Nerville later used it in Marshmallow Wedding to visit Marshmallow at his wedding. However, he ended up crushing Grumblabla.
PirateFruitship Pirate Fruit Ship "Captain Blood Orange" Was used for Orange when he and the gang decided to become pirates. However, this ship was shot down by the richer fruits for their regatta. On this ship, being an apple was a crime (unless you were a midget apple).
FCDS Fruit Cart Defense System "Night of the Veggie Zombies", "Fruitastic VoyOrange" Was used by Orange and the gang to fight off the veggie zombies. It consisted of two ranch dressing machine gun units, the Emergency Fruit Broadcast System, and the Fruit Cart Self-Destruct System. It was later used while the were in Nerville's digestive tract.
EarthDrill Fruit Plane "Fruit Plane!", "Escape from the Island of Dr. Fruitenstein" Was used to try and fly the fruits in Daneboe's Grocery Market to Donkey Island after the heard of an in-store visit from Mr. Juicy Fun, and later used to fly Orange and the Gang to Fruitastic Island.
FruitPlane Earth Drill "The Day the Store Stood Still" It was used to try and dig to the center of the Earth where a supposed Earth Hamster lived, and to attempt to get him to spin on his wheel again. It consisted of a unit known as "Starry".
Android Android "Trans.Fruit.Bots" Was used to defeat Megasuck after he combined with Nerville and ended up trying to destroy the entire grocery store.
SpaceShuttle Space Shuttle "Armagourdon" Was used to go up into space and destroy the meteor before it hit the grocery store. However, someone had to stay behind and cap the explosion so it would stay under control. Unfortunately, Orange volunteered to stay behind but Bruce Dillus took his place.