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"Hey, guys! Uh, I got a question. Do you know how to this thing?"
―Gaming Grape

Gaming Grape is a character who doesn't appear often in actual episodes of The Annoying Orange, but more often on the Annoying Orange Gaming Channel. His debut was in an episode of the same name. His mother had told him that he was spending too much time playing video games, and that he needed to spend some fresh air on the counter. Grape protested that he only played once a day... but for 18 hours. Then came in his brother, Game Ball, along with his best friend. Game Ball was very well-known for making a touchdown in Penn State back in 1998, and he constantly picked on Gaming Grape (usually stuff like calling him names like "nerd patrol" at school). Since Gaming Grape had experience in playing virtual football video games, and Game Ball was confident that he could dominate anything football-related, they made a bet: if Grape won, Game Ball would stop picking on him at school. And if Game Ball lost, everyone would get to call him "Turkey Burger". They both entered a match on virtual football, and Grape did so well, that it literally melted his game console, and then everyone began calling Game Ball "Turkey Burger". Frustrated, Game Ball ran off and called for his mother. Pear preceded to compliment Grape on how good he was at video games, and Grape said coming from him that meant a lot. Grape is now currently on the Annoying Orange Gaming Channel playing various video games (which include being on the OrangeCraft server), and even has his own Minecraft skin. Gaming grape is a recurring character on the gaming channel, annoying orange gaming. He frequently makes videos, and is a serious gamer. Unlike other characters, this is his main portrayal. He frequently plays super smash bros. and tries out various new games.

He has made an appearance in the episode Kitchenmon GO!, where he caught a wild Snorlax and talked about how important Kitchenmon GO was.

His most recent appearance was in the 10 for 10 challenge, in which Orange challenged him and 9 other friends to do ten tongue pushups. Gaming grape dmed Orange back, saying he tried, but his tongue broke in two places.

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