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Garlic (also known as Onion by Orange) is a minor character who only appeared in the Annoying Orange episode Excess Cabbage. He was first seen being teased by Cabbage in an attempt to cheer up Orange. However, Cabbage's plan backfired, causing Garlic to laugh at him along with Celery and Orange. After Cabbage was knifed, Garlic tells Orange that he was sorry about Cabbage's demise. After Orange thanks him for that, he explains that people never know when their time is up, but is interrupted when he is unexpectedly knifed, proving his point. He also made an appearance in Missile Toe being blown up by Orange and his Missile Toe near a car. He made a cameo invisibly in Happy 5th Birthday!.


  • He was sitting in Pear's space.
  • His voice gets deeper after Cabbage was knifed which was before he was knifed.

Survival Rate

  • Total Appearances: 3
  • Deaths: 1
  • Surviving Episodes: 1
  • Survival Rate: 33%


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