Golden Delicious
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Gender Male
Played by Aaron Massey
Death Peeled and baked into pie along with Red Delicious, Green Apple and Granny Smith
First Appearance Teenage Munant Ninja Apples

Golden Delicious is the third "Teenage Mutant Ninja Apple" mistaken member from Orange and he is a character who only appeared in the episode Teenage Mutant Ninja Apples.


He is popular with apricots, like his cousin, although just a very little bit less popular, and mimics off his cousin as well. He is exactly like his cousin (with the same actor) but only being a different colour and slightly different shape. At the end of the episode, he was shredded up with his cousin into the same apple pie as Green Apple and Granny Smith.


  • In Crabapple, another Golden Delicious apple physically resembles Golden Delicious appeared. It is unknown he it has any connection to him, however.
  • On Orange's Facebook page, he posted a picture of Golden Delicious and called him Green Delicious.
  • He and his cousin are both voiced by Aaron Massey. They have similar voices and the same face in the pie.