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"Once again, I was not invited!"
―Grapefruit in every Trailer Trashed video

Grapefruit is a main character and a former antagonist on The Annoying Orange Series. He is also former member of Banana Monocle. Grapefruit was previously depicted as a chubby, cranky, bad-tempered, tightfisted and foul-mouthed anthropomorphic grapefruit. However, he has taken the place of the 3rd position character in the Annoying Orange series (tied with little apple) who joins Orange, Pear, Midget Apple and Marshmallow if they are in need of a 5th member. He currently has his own show called Grapefruit Art Critic.


He has the personality of a bodybuilder, as he likes to flex, and also uses bodybuilding terms a lot and even knows how to squat despite not having any legs. In Best Fiends Forever, he is shown to be very tightfisted, since he bullied Marshmallow by burning his picture of Princess Butterfly Kiss. He is also very flirtatious with female fruits, notably Passion Fruit, who rejects him in disgust. He also likes to impress others, particularly the female fruits (e.g. Passion Fruit). Behind his tough attitude, he has a dark, complex mind. He is into the arts, and has painted many pictures, as revealed in The Juice 3: Emo Knife. When asked which friend he would be for a day, he picked Marshmallow, to escape his deep thoughts and later on be endlessly cheerful.

He works at the fast food chain, DaneBurgers.


Grapefruit was purchased by Dane Boedigheimer along with Passion Fruit at Trader Joe's. When he first emerged from the paper bag, he had the notion that Passion Fruit was in love with him. However, he was very offended when Orange mistook him for a "chubby orange". This caused him to get angry as to start swearing and acting hostile to Orange. However, he was knifed shortly after this. Grapefruit was mysteriously revived months later and had moved into another kitchen (as shown in the crossover episode, Liam the Leprechaun: Liam vs. Grapefruit). Many of his family members came to the kitchen to avenge his death, thinking that Orange had murdered Grapefruit. However, they were knifed much similar to how Grapefruit was knifed. Grapefruit returned to get his own revenge on Orange in October the 29th of 2010, being the head of a creature known as Frankenfruit. This attempt failed, and most of the food he used to construct Frankenfruit was eaten by the Halloweenie. Grapefruit returned 5 months later to move into the kitchen with Orange and the rest. During this time, he was very rude to the others and even burned a picture of Princess Butterfly Kiss that belonged to Marshmallow. Over time, he lightened up to Orange and the rest, and he currently lived in the kitchen with them. He even joins in Orange's adventures, if they are ever in need of a 5th member. Though he has stopped making attempts to plot revenge on Orange, he has been a main villain during some episodes of The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange. He as voted most likely to succeed in Cruel Middle School. However, this was ironic to him, as he felt that he hadn't done anything with his life. Now Grapefruit mostly does challenges for YouTube with Midget Apple.




Orange and Grapefruit started as rivals for Passion Fruit, and the two were constantly fighting. Of course, eventually the two started to become more like frenemies, even if they still resent and hate each other's guts.


Pear and Grapefruit aren't that close, Grapefruit is even known to tease Pear, but the two sometimes get along nicely.

Midget Apple:

Now these two are great friends, constantly doing challenges with each other, having fun together, even if Grapefruit was the first to find out about Midget Apple's illiteracy.


Even though Grapefruit tore of a painting of princess butterfly kiss, Marshmallow eventually forgave him, because they don't hold a grudge! Now the two do have some fun together.

Love Interest:

Passion Fruit

Grapefruit is Orange's rival for Passion Fruit’s affections, in a sort of not yet realized gender swapped anthropomorphic fruit version of Betty, Archie, and Veronica.



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