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This person is used as a reference to the audience.

HOW2 was an Annoying Orange sub-series that started on January 27th 2016 and spans at least 170 episodes so far. The background song in every episode is called "Birds and Bees" from unlike the other shows this series relies on stock images of Pear, Orange, and occasionally other characters and it ended on September 30th 2020.


Orange and Pear answer questions from people in the comments section. Pear gives useful information while Orange gives unnecessary or misleading information, but sometimes impress Pear with his points.

Running Gags

A very popular running gag is Orange involving TNT and exploding it to end the episode. Other running gags include Orange sometimes involving cows, giving Pear names and making puns.



Video Upload Date Most Notable Running Gags from Orange Notes
Tie A Tie Jan 27 Rubbing crane and a bottle of lotion together to make a fire and roasting Marshmallow.
  • This is the first How2 video being released.
Remember Your Dreams Feb 3 Eating pears.
Get A Girlfriend Feb 10 Harassing your crush and showing off.
  • This is the first time the introduction involves a screenshot of the fan's request.
Get Rich Quick Feb 17 Getting rid of money.
Behave in a Movie Theater Feb 24 Acting like actual quiet animals.
Play Chess Mar 2 Renaming pieces and changing their behaviors.
Ride a Bike Mar 9 Elephant butts.
  • No TNT explosion at the end of the video
Apply Makeup Mar 16 Paying for makeup with TNT and returning what's left over for TNT.
Tie Your Shoes Mar 23 Focusing on space exploration.
Make a Video Game Apr 6 Making a video game about sandwiches.
Get a Job Apr 13 Wrecking a job interview with face punching, crotch kicking, and desk pooping activities.
Use Uber Apr 20 Running from the cops.
Be a Famous YouTuber Apr 27 Pear duct taping Orange's mouth shut.
Play Guitar May 4 TNT guitar.
  • The barfing yak joins in during the video.
Use a Microwave May 11 Using a microwave to create superpowers and hitting random buttons to access the Sorcerer's Code.
Use a Computer May 18 Smashing it with a crowbar.
  • Orange's eyes turn red when he's evil to see TNT.
Lose Weight May 25 Chopping off people's limbs and putting them into sandwiches to goof off their buddies with it.
  • At the end, Orange transforms into a stick of TNT, frightening Pear.
Survive on a Deserted Island Jun 1 Urine drinking.
Win at Scrabble Jun 8 Making up words.
Change a Lightbulb Jun 15 Using rocket boosters to change the lightbulb.
Get Ripped Jun 22 Lifting one stick of TNT and two for the second week.
Deal with a Baby Sibling Jun 29 That a baby came home from the hospital and often looks and smells like naked bulldogs.
Write a Book Jul 13 Clones
  • Singing "Reading Rainbow" with Orange's clone
Master Pokemon GO Jul 20 Sacrificing spending time with love ones for Pokemon GO.
  • Special episode.
Be Cool Jul 27 Becoming a cow.
Milk a Cow Aug 3 Understanding how an American football game works instead of squeezing the cow's testicles.
Master Babysitting Aug 17 Doing stupid stuff to a baby
Survive a Fire Aug 24 TNT bear.
Make-a-Wish Come True! (w/ Jason) Aug 31 Making a bad soup, shooting blueberry pie cannons
  • Special episode.
Play Monopoly Sept 7 Flipping out of the board game.
Ride a Horse Sept 14 Riding a horse on top of a horse on top of another horse.
Kiss a Girl Sept 28 Mistaking TNT for fireworks
Be a Mad Scientist Oct 5 Blowing up the moon.
Make a Killer Halloween Party Oct 12 Inviting real monsters and a wombat to a party.
Survive Freddy Fazbear's Oct 19 Ordering a pizza with one of three doors
Get Rid of Nightmares Oct 26 Scaring off nightmares.
Train Your Dog Nov 2 Training a puppy into a dragon.
Win the Lottery Nov 9 Eating lucky charms, dropping a piece of buttered toast, burning the lottery ticket and blowing up TNT
Be a Good Soccer Player Nov 16 Growing legs to kick the ball.
  • Orange summons that he should dribble saliva all over soccer balls.
Cook Nov 23 Blowing up TNT to save food lives.
Build an Epic Sand Castle Nov 30 Where a naked kid runs up to the sand castle and kicks it over
Decorate a Christmas Tree Dec 14 Making everything orange.
Hang Christmas Lights Dec 21 Orange saying only the word "orange" repeatedly.
Make New Year's Resolutions Dec 28 Orange pronouncing the phrase "Happy New Year!" incorrectly on purpose.
  • Orange announces "Nude Year's Eve" which makes Pear's mistake.


Video Upload Date Most Notable Running Gag Notes
Make a Perfect Snowball Jan 4 Copying Pear.
Drive a Car Jan 11 Making the car drive off the edge and getting electrocuted by a steering wheel
Brush Your Teeth Jan 18 Making fun of the user's screen name.
  • This time, Orange made a new video "How 2 Not Mistake Pies for TNT".
Be a Good Person Jan 25 Orange stacking TNT on top of Grapefruit
Set the Table Feb 1 Pulling the tablecloths off the table.
Play Bagpipes Feb 8 Orange showing today's schedule while playing bagpipes, including Pear.
Deal with Parents Feb 15 Orange does rapping.
Mow a Lawn Like a Boss Mar 1 Hosting a pterodactyl, hearing screaming grass and a picture of TNT on the lawn.
Escape from Prison Mar 8 Hosting a surprise birthday
  • Orange mentions a parody of Amazon.
Make Your Bed Mar 15 Playing with construction tools and things to make the bed with it.
Survive a Tornado Mar 22 Giving Pear a TNT star
Dunk a Basketball Mar 29 Nicknaming things to play basketball
Annoy Pear Apr 12 Watch Orange make fun of Pear sing the He-Man song from Ask Orange #19!
Avoid Getting Sick Apr 26 Help Pear make Orange feel better throughout the video!
Solve a Rubik's Cube May 3 Becoming a Rubik's Cube.
  • Pear doesn't think that Orange blowing up the Rubik's Cube with TNT is a good idea.
Become a Superhero May 10 Getting bitten by cows in radioactive, nicknaming "Milk Man", "Dairy Dude", "Butter Boy", "Beefy McRiddletin" and "The TNTeen"
Use a Fidget Spinner May 17 Using the fidget spinner on both directions, plus putting a fidget spinner on top of Pear's stem making it look like a helicopter
  • Pear has a fidget spinner on top of a stem looking like a helicopter.
Find a Pot of Gold May 24 Trapping Liam and finding chili beans
Be Smart May 31 Pretending to be sleeping and blowing up math with TNT
Become a Rockstar Jun 7 Orange mistakes stuff for having 5 points, an actual rock, lighting your guitar on fire.
Fly Jun 14 Orange has rope on top of it.
Ignore Haters Jun 21 Orange repeats Pear's dialogue (what he's saying).
Make a Song Jul 5 Orange has made up a song about mega boogers on his friend's lip.
Win the Claw Machine Jul 12 Orange talking to a teddy bear, sneezing to drop TNT onto the lighter.
Bowl Jul 19 Picking a bowling ball (not a ball of boogers or a TNT ball) and winning the game (which Pear likes a 7/10 split instead of Orange making a banana split).
Prank Pear Jul 26 Doing something bad to Pear
Be a Rapper Aug 2 Wearing a cow uniform
Take Over the World Aug 9 Playing board games and blowing up the Earth with TNT
Save Your Money Aug 16 Buying cars, cows, and opening treasure chests (with TNT inside)
Wrestle a Bear Aug 23 Feeding the bear before wrestling
Swim Aug 30 Avoid motivational sharks
Avoid Spoilers Sep 6 Orange's cousin driving a Honda Accord on Craigslist
Go to Sleep Fast Sep 13 Orange likes counting sheep, cows and Pear dislikes counting ducks, walruses and TNT.
Dance Like Michael Jackson Sep 20 Orange comes up with names with first two things he sees.
Make a Sandwich Sep 27 Similar at the end of a video game video, Orange likes a sandwich with TNT, a BLTNT, and jellyfish and peanut butts.
Carve a Pumpkin Oct 4 Carving a butt on the pumpkin
Make a Halloween Costume Oct 11 Dressing up like a cow
Trick or Treat Oct 18 Orange reveals a lot of Halloween costumes to wear. Instead, a Halloween costume out of Orange becomes TNT.
Eat Halloween Candy Oct 25 Checking for razor blades inside Halloween candy.
Play the Piano Nov 1 Bad lessons to play
  • This is the first video Orange mistakes the introduction of "Cow 2" for "How 2".
Pull Off a Heist Nov 8 Stealing Liam's pot of gold
Bob for Apples Nov 15 Orange mistakes the subject for finding a guy named Bob.
Dig a Dinosaur Bone Nov 22 Blowing up dinosaur bones with TNT
Hack Anything Nov 29 Orange hacks sandwiches, Mount Rushmore and TNT
Put Up a Christmas Tree Dec 6 A Christmas squirrel invades Orange's video.
Get on Santa's Nice List Dec 13 Writing a list to Santa and putting fire in the fireplace
Get Kissed Under the Mistletoe Dec 20 Eating the mistletoe and throwing up
Make a New Year's Resolution Dec 27 Orange making the video in 4K


Video Upload Date Most Notable Running Gag Notes
Make a Horror Movie Jan 3 A horror movie with cow members
Play the Drums Jan 10 Inviting cows to our house to play
Order Food at a Restaurant Jan 17 Serving hot Cheetos
Fix a Doorknob Jan 24
Make a Pizza Jan 31
Go to Space Feb 7
Do Valentine's Day Right Feb 14
Sponsor the Annoying Orange Feb 21 Playing Free Bird with a recorder
  • Special episode.
Water a Plant Feb 28 Orange switches words around.
Learn a New Language Mar 7 Learning how to speak cow.
Snowboard Mar 14 Doing a triple back flip and saying things like "Gnah" or "Brah"
Be Cute Mar 21
Win at Life Mar 28
Get a Six Pack Apr 4
Wash Your Hands Apr 11 Washing your hands too much when you touch the doorknob every single time until your hands wear off into a bloody mess.
Play Baseball Apr 18 A vampire is an umpire.
Play Poker Apr 25
Become a Master May 2
Be a Cop May 16
Win at Fortnite May 23
Set a World Record May 30
Get Ready for School Jun 6
Solve a Mystery Jun 13 Orange accuses Pear of eating a cookie.
Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Jun 20
Ask a Guy Out Jun 27
Celebrate the 4th of July Jul 4
Go Around the World Jul 11
Draw Jul 18 A pencil stabbing through one of the person's eyeball.
Sing Jul 25
Become an Actor Aug 1 Orange gives advice relating to wealthy lifestyles.
Make a Decision Aug 8
Survive an Earthquake Aug 15
Control Your Anger Aug 22
Answer Baldi's 3rd Question Aug 29
Make Friends Sep 5
Catch a Unicorn Sep 12
Play Golf Sep 19 Reading words of the colors and a hole from Star Wars
Make Spooky Slime Oct 3
Decorate for Halloween Oct 10
Scare Pear Oct 17 Orange rhyming words up.
Survive Slenderman Oct 24
Slay a Vampire Oct 31
Master Video Games Nov 7
Carve a Turkey Nov 14
Eat Without Exploding Nov 21
Be a Ninja Dec 5 Orange relating to Ninja Turtles.
Make Hot Cocoa Dec 12 Orange keeps getting interrupted by Pear who's trying to end fake videos.
Wrap a Present Dec 19
Ice Skate Dec 26 Getting heads chopped off


Video Upload Date Most Notable Running Gag Notes
Make a Clothing Line Jan 2 Orange wants to make his clothing line out of cows
Survive an Alien Invasion Jan 9
Time Travel Jan 16
Make a Paper Airplane Jan 23
Be Funny Jan 30
Escape from School Feb 6 Orange digs his way out of school.
Kiss Passion Feb 13 Orange avoids admitting his love for Passion (in other words, kissing her)
  • This episode may be a bit PG.
Be a Fireman Feb 20 Orange mistaking an EMT for an "ent", while also talking in an accent.
Set Up a TV Feb 27
Make MORE Pizza Mar 6
Go to Disneyland Mar 13 Orange advising to find ways to get in without tickets and he and Pear disguise themselves as the same character.
Get McDonald's Fries Mar 20 The Hamburglar on the roof.
Find Bigfoot Mar 27 Lou mistakes himself for bigfoot.
  • Despite being seen in the thumbnail, Orange is not in this episode.
  • Orange is replaced with Lou the Tick.
  • This is the second video Lou was replaced in "How 2 Avoid Getting Sick".
Floss Apr 3
Make a Burger Apr 10 Orange makes a burger with pig's booger.
Invent Something Good Apr 17 Orange does an ad of kazoos and TNT.
Build a House Apr 24
Access the Dark Web May 1
  • Pear is replaced with Marshmallow.
Skateboard May 8
Avoid Injury May 15
Make a HOW2 May 22
Fly an Airplane May 29 Guy at control tower loses control of the plane.
Climb Mount Everest Jun 5
Get a Cool Vehicle Jun 12
Be Boring Jun 19 Orange doesn't do his regular agenda.
Be a Comedian Jun 26 Pear wearing rocket ship underwear.
Set off Fireworks Jul 3 Orange doesn't want Midget Apple to set off fireworks and mixes up TNT with fireworks.
Make Slime Jul 10 Orange says "My wife!"
Hypnotize Pear Jul 17 Pear gets hypnotized when reviewing the steps.
Become a Jedi Jul 24 Orange says words in the order Yoda does it.
  • This episode uses the Star Wars opening instead of black text on white for the steps.
  • This is the last episode to air as it was Annoying History debuted but the series returned on October 30, 2019.
Watch a Scary Movie Oct 30 Orange tries to scare Midget Apple.
  • This marks the return of the sub series since Become a Jedi was uploaded on July 24, 2019.
Register to Vote Nov 6 Orange voting just to get his sticker.
  • The edible sticker on the back of Orange reads A113.
  • Made specifically towards the American audience.
Stream NFL Games Nov 13 Orange thinks the video is about a stream and Pear falls in a stream because of not stepping on stones.
Hit the Whoa Nov 20 Hitting with a baseball bat.
Make Paper Snowflakes Dec 4 Orange cuts stuff that aren't snowflakes.
Draw Santa Dec 18 Orange comes up to draw Santa naked.
Set Up a Nintendo Switch Dec 25 Orange keeps vibrating, eventually leading to him blowing up.


Video Upload Date Most Notable Running Gag Notes
Change Your Life Jan 1 Orange trying to face his fears.
Make a Scary Game Jan 8
Squash Pear Jan 15 Orange trying to trick Pear into getting squashed by Squash. This is the first episode to feature Squash.
Make a Campfire Jan 22
Throw a Birthday Party Jan 29
Ace a Test Feb 5
Get What U Want Feb 12
Become President! Feb 19
Catch a Pokemon! Feb 26
Play Football! Mar 4
Avoid Clickbait! Mar 11
Make Hand Sanitizer! Mar 18
Eat an Orange! Mar 25
Save the Earth! Apr 1
Practice Social Distancing! Apr 8
Unclog A Toilet Apr 15
Make a Mask Apr 22 Grapefruit adds too many details and design to his mask to impress the rest of the gang
Survive A Goose Attack Apr 29
How to Train Your Dragon! Jul 23 Dragonfruit burning down cities.
How to Use Emojis! Jul 30 Midget Apple teaches Grandpa Lemon how to use emojis, but Midget Apple fails and Grandpa Lemon does it the wrong way.
How2 Use a Phone Aug 5 Midget Apple teaches Grandpa Lemon how to use a smartphone, but Grandpa Lemon thinks that smartphones should be used in "different" ways.
How to Wazzup! Aug 12 Doing way too much things just to say the word "Wazzup".
  • This episode has no TNT.
How to be Batman Aug 20 Orange doing a Batman voice as well as saying "Where's Rachel?!" multiple times.
  • This episode has no TNT.
How2 Touch Your Tongue to Your Eye! Aug 27 Using "The Spirit of the Frog" to lengthen your tongue.
  • Sis replaces Pear in this episode.
  • There is no TNT in this episode, instead, it explodes by Orange's long tongue touching the Moon.
How to ROCK!! Sep 3
  • Pear in this episode has "a rock and roll attitude flowing through his body".
Cut the Cheese Sep 9 Orange mistaking the title "Make Cheese" as "Cut the Cheese", which means farting.
Get a Driver's License Sep 16
Be BIG! Sep 23
Go On Vacation Sep 30
  • This is the last and probably the final episode of HOW2 in 2020. And probably forever.

Some of these videos have Orange or Pear replaced with a different character, including: