A Mustachio

The Hidden Mustachios are hidden characters. After the episode Mystery of the Mustachios, many more Mustachios have appeared hidden in epsodes of the Annoying Orange. have been secretly hiding in episodes, starting from Wazzup Blowup. The reason for this was a Facebook competition. They appeared most abundantly in season 3. One even appeared in an episode of The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange.


  • Best Fiends Forever: Between the toaster and the bottle at 1:44/in the mess at the bottom left corner at 3:53.
  • ZOOM!: At 0:20 under the left hot plate (blocked by caption that says "Thumbs up for ZOOM!!!) /under the toaster at 2:40 while.
  • Mommy and Me: At 1:32 under the toaster while Mama Orange and Orange are annoying the crap out of Yam under the toaster 2:17 while Yam is being knifed on the toaster knob and under the hot plate on the stove.
  • Juice Boxing :2:14 at the toaster and 2:50 beside the toaster.
  • Fruit for All: At 0:15 on the lower right corner and at 1:46 on the steps near Banana.
  • Trollin': At 1:15 on the toaster latch and at 3:47 behind Pear.
  • YouTubers: At 1:18 under the tripod and at 3:33 in the credits at Knife.
  • Be a star!: At 0:41 on Pear's camera for a half second.
  • The Voodoo You Do!: At 2:24 On a candle; 3:13 hidden right inside the O in the "" caption.