The death trap

Jigsaw's Death Trap refers to several murder weapons used by Jigsaw to kill his victims. It first appeared in Annoying Saw and then in Annoying Saw 2: The Annoying Death Trap. After Jigsaw's victims are attached to the death trap the trap is linked up to a timer, and if the victim doesn't find the key to deactivate it within a minute, the trap will activate a saw blade and slice the victim in half. The death trap was first meant to kill Orange. However, Orange was able to locate the key (much to Jigsaw's surprise and dispair). Orange ended up escaping after that and the death trap killed another one of Jigsaw's victims; Eggplant. In the sequel of "The Annoying Saw", Orange himself was the "death trap". This is so he can annoy Jigsaw's next victim, Marshmallow, to death. However, Marshmallow proves to be just as annoying as Orange, and Orange failed to do what Jigsaw wanted. Jigsaw tried to kill Marshmallow with a regular death trap, but he survived. After Jigsaw leaves to seek new occupation, a Graham Cracker and Chocolate are seen in the death trap, although their fate remains unknown due to the arrival of Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig with a chainsaw. Because Marshmallow, Graham Cracker, and Chocolate were captured at the same time, it is likely Jigsaw wanted to make s'mores from them.


  • Jigsaw's death trap is a modified and a very complicated version of Knife (using a saw to chop its victims).
  • It is the first death trap to appear in the series so far.
  • It is the first murder weapon to succeed and fail, the other being Knife.