Gender Male
Played by Kevin Brueck
Friends Orange, Bananas (possibly), Pear (possibly), Passion Fruit (Possibly)
Enemies His Hiccups (For Blowing Him Up)
Death Got blown up by the hiccups
First Appearance The Exploding Orange

Kiwi is a character who appears in The Exploding Orange. Kiwi was portrayed by Kevin Brueck.


Kiwi apparently is from New Zealand and has an accent to match. He was annoyed by Orange while reading a
Kiwi without newspaper

Kiwi without The Fruity Times

newspaper, The Fruity Times, but he got the hiccups, which Orange mistook for a "hippo accent". He then went to the danger zone fruits get when they hiccup, causing him to explode, causing Orange and the Bananas to scream in horror. He is the second kiwi in the series. He is the One Hundredth character in the series. He also appeared in the Outakes, he just can't hold his laughter after Orange keeps saying "Hugry, hungry hippo."
Kiwi about to explode

Kiwi about to explode


  • "WHAT!? What is it, mate? I'm trying to read the paper."
  • "Dude, I'm a Kiwi! I'm from freakin' New Zealand!
  • "Accent? I don't have a (hiccup) accent."
  • "It's (hiccup). Not a hippo. It's a (hiccup)!"
    Kiwi Explodes

    The result of Kiwi's hiccups.

  • "It's (hiccup) It's not funny!"
  • "Stop it! (hiccup) Aw man! I don't (hiccup) feel so good!"
  • (hiccup in many times)
  • (screams)