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Knife (Also known as Knife Mc. Stabby) is a recurring character on The Annoying Orange who is an infamous murder weapon. Orange usually warns characters about their demise before knifing by Knife happens: the first time he didn't warn a character who was about to be knifed, was in the first appearance of Knife as a character as he was distracted when Ginger was knifed. He was thought to be the main antagonist of the series, but revealed otherwise in No More Mr. Knife Guy, he is actually forced by Dane Boedigheimer (the chef) to kill the various innocent characters who Orange annoys. As an anthropomorphic knife, he is the most famous murder weapon in the series.


The chef's Food® knife

Knife appeared in almost every episode since the first episode used to eviscerate, slice, and kill many food characters. He finally has a speaking part in the episode No More Mr. Knife Guy. When Orange wasn't looking, he was used to dice Ginger. Then Orange and Pear finally got to meet him as character. He told Orange it was lonely being a knife, but Orange takes the time to make fun of Knife saying Knife is "dull", causing him to be sharpened by Sharpener. Then, he is not seen again until he is used to kill Lime, when telling Orange "Happy birthday!". He has been seen as a character again killing Grape when he was thinking Orange's greeting was for him instead of Grape. He reappeared again in Mommy and Me along with his mother.


There is not much to say to describe the events in Knife's life. He is introduced as the main murder weapon in the series, but only appears as a character in about 1 to 2 episodes a season. He was first intorduced as a character in No More Mr. Knife Guy where he had met Orange and Pear, who were frightened at first to see him but then gt to know him better. Knife explained that he didn't enjoy his use at all, and even blames himself for the deaths that he causes. Orange then made a joke about him being "dull". Sharpener, who overheard, came to Knife's side of the kitchen and began sharpening him. During late season 2 and early to mid-season 3, Knife had entered abruptly slicing yet another food in the kitchen, and curses fate after realizing what he had done. His latest episode where he spoke was Mommy and Me. Since then, he has been a silent (but deadly) character. In most episodes of the web series he is seen chopping up food and occasionally some other objects (even at times that don't make any sense).

Knife slicing plum


  • Knife appears to be unaware that he is being used by someone else to kill, believing himself to be fully responsible for the deaths.
  • Like Squash, he resents his purpose. However, Squash's purpose is for gags, unlike Knife, who is used to chop up fruits and vegetables.
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