This page contains a list of all guest star voice actors in the series so far. Many of them are one-shot voice actors who only voice one or two characters from a certain episode, while others have frequently come back to voice either one specific character or many different characters. Here is a list of those guest stars.

Guest Star Voice Actors for The Annoying Orange

Name Characters Voiced Description
Joe Penna Potato Also known as MysteryGuitarMan, is a popular Brazilian-American filmmaker and musician.
Shay Carl Cabbage, Shay Red An American vlogger and YouTube personality.
Peter Coffin Onion, Onion, Knife A musician most known for singing "No More Mr. Knife Guy".
Charles Trippy Lemon, Trippotato An American filmmaker who hosts the series "Internet Killed Television".
The Fine Brothers Sushi, The Cobs, Moldywarts, Cob Brothers benny and Rafi Fine are American filmmakers and YouTube personalities.
Zack Scott Wasabi, Pineapple An American filmmaker, comedian, and YouTube personality.
Charles Trippy Lemon An American filmmaker and YouTube personality who hosts the series "Internet Killed Television".
Luke Boedigheimer Watermelon Dane Boedigheimer's brother, who starred in many of Dane's earlier films.
Brittani Taylor Granny Smith, Elizabeth Eggplant, Liz Lizard An American YouTube personality.
Lauren Francesca Lady Pasta An American artist, musician, and actress from the "Key of Awesome".
Kassem G Cucumber An Arab filmmaker and actor.
Ray William Johnson Crabapple An American comedian and YouTube personality who hosted the series "Equals Three".
Evan Ferrante Broccoli Leader, Tom Cruise, Orange 2.0 An American actor who is known for playing the role of Tom Cruise in many instances.
Joe Bereta Bell Pepper, Blue Raspberry Juice Box, Relish, Orange, Turkey Partners with Luke Barats of Barats and Bereta and is a member of "SourceFed", most known for playing the role of the Angry Orange.
Julian Smith Walnut An American musician.
Weezer Party Platter An American rock band formed in Las Angeles consisting of Rivers Cuomo, Patrick Wilson, Brian Bell, and Scott Shriner.
Kevin Nalty Knife A YouTube personality and comedian most known for playing the role of Knife.
Smosh Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig, Bananas Partners Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox are comedians and YouTube personalities under the name "Smosh".
Lisa Schwartz Balloon, Fake Apple An American actress and YouTube personality.
Richard Ryan Turnip, Red the Raspberry, Mervin the Watermelon, Andy the Apple, Broccoli Teacher An American stunt performer.
Theresa Barket Nancy Nectarine, Clementine Dane Boedigheimer's wife, starred in many of his earlier films.
Craig Benzine Mustachios An American musician, filmmaker, and vlogger most known for playing the role of the Mustachios.
James Caan Jalapeño An American actor.
Shira Lazar Peach, Pink Sour Ranger,Tammy the Tomato A Canadian television personality, actress, writer, and vlogger.
Steve Greene Mango, Jack the Apple An American comedian and YouTube personality.
Shane Dawson Coconut, Donut An American comedian, actor, singer, film director, and YouTube personality.
Chad Sahley Fortune Cookie An actor and producer.
Rachel Emmers Ms. Fortune Cookie An actress from the Errand of Angels.
Jenya Lano Tomato A Russian-Italian actress and comedian.
Jack Douglass Kiwis, Yo-Yo, Nude Dude, Spencer the Pineapple, Rainbow Trout An American YouTube personality, comedian, and head of his film company, Jacksfilms; best known for playing the role of Nude Dude.
Olga Kay Lettuce A Russian-American Internet celebrity, comedian, writer, director, and performer.
Joe Nation Apple, Banana, Judge Waffle, Rod the Bell Pepper Slice, Officer EggHoneydon't A YouTube personality and a member of the Daneco crew.
Tristan Desoto Isaac Newton An American YouTube personality and head of T-Time Tristopia TV.
Michael Gallager Yam An American YouTube personality who hosts the series "TotallySketch".
Joey Nalty Mama Knife The wife of Kevin Nalty.
Michael Buckley Sunflower, Dollar Bill An American comedian and vlogger.
Mark Boyanowski Star A YouTuber and winner of the "Be a Star" challenge.
Olan Rogers Meteortron An American YouTube personality.
William Hyde Tater of DC A news reporter for the city of Washington DC.
Jason Horton Bill the Apple An American actor.
Andy Mogren Gumdrops An American actor and film editor.
Chris Thompson Banana An American singer and musician.
Jenna Marbles Fake Banana An American entertainer and YouTube personality.
Tim Curry Freezer An English actor, singer, and composer.
John Leguizamo Jumping Bean a Colombian-American actor, voice actor, producer, comedian, playwright and screenwriter.
DeStorm Power Party Rock an African-American YouTube personality, musician, comedian, and motivational speaker.
Peter Shukoff Em&Em An American comedian, musician and personality.
Ross Everett Lime, Coffee Mug, Cupcake An American vlogger.
Harley Morenstein Bacon The main host of the Canadian cooking show "Epic Meal Time".
Ethan Newberry Avocado, Rick the Brick, Duck An American entertainer, vlogger, and YouTube personality.
Mike Jennings Charlie Spleen Robert Jennings' brother, and one of the key people on the Orangecraft server administration team.
Bailey Duemmel Lindsay Lo-Ham A YouTuber.
Iman Crosson Spoon, Broccoli Obama An American actor, YouTube personality, and impressionist.
Elliott Morgan Agent Cheese An American actor, writer, host, producer and YouTube personality.
Brock Baker Johnny Clam, Mussels, Shrimp Dealer, Banana, Powdered Donut An impressionist and voice actor.
Ray Massey Toilet Paper Ball Aaron Massey's brother, as well as a filmmaker.
Sean Klitzner Hot Sauce, Carrot An American comedian and Internet personality.
Garrett Grommesh Watermelon A child from the make-a-wish foundation.
Peter Gilroy Papaya An American actor and director.
Shane Hartline Can of Chili An American actor.
Nikki Limo Earth An American vlogger and YouTube personality.
Jamie Oliver Prune Juice an English celebrity chef, restaurateur, and media personality.
Chase McCown Picnic Basket An actor and director.
Meghan Tonjes Pasta Bowl, Pickle An American singer and YouTube personality.
Chester See Grape 1, Rage Sage, Vitabuff An American YouTube personality, singer and actor.
Jack Vale Grape 2, Sassy Squash An American comedian.
Lloyd Ahlquist Biggie Fries An American Internet personality and creator of the series "Epic Rap Battles of History".
Wassabi Productions Wasabi 1, Wasabi 2, Dr. Starfish, Fruitcake, Watermelon, Blueberry Pancake Roi and Alex Wassabi are film producers and YouTube personalities; founders of their film company Wassabi Productions.
Taryn Southern Instagram An American singer, actress, and comedian.
Peter Czerwinski Deviled Egg A Canadian competitive eater.
Steve Zaragoza Captain Obvious, Ned, The Great One, Can of Beans A Mexican-American online personality, dancer, and member of "SourceFed"; best known for playing Captain Obvious and Ned.
Kate Elliott Mama Icicle, Mama Coal, Tea, Yellow Plum, Cooking Pot, Soup, Coffee, Soufflé An American YouTube personality.
Meghan Camarena April O'Peele An American filmmaker and YouTube personality.
Alésia Glidewell Broccoli, Tootsie Roll, Extra Virgin Olive Oil An American film director, producer, and voice actress.
Jon Bailey Optimus Prime Rib A professional voiceover artist.
Cory Williams Emmett the Oven Mitt, Coconut An actor and YouTube personality as well as founder of SMP Films.
Jordan Maron Fan An American YouTube personality.
Mikey Bolts Romanesco Chief, Bad Apple, Rubik's Cube, Duck, Milk Detective An American vlogger and YouTube personality.
Timothy Delaghetto Easter Egg An American rapper, comedian, and videographer.
Adam Lyons Tea An attraction and social dynamics teacher.
Felicia Day Gilly An American actress, comedian, and writer who was part of The High Fructose Adventure of Annoying Orange cast; where she was best known for playing Peach and Ginger.
Flula Borg Rubik's Cube A German techno disk jockey, actor, and YouTube personality.
Colleen Ballinger Rubik's Cube An American comedian, actress, singer and YouTube personality, best known by her alter-ego "Miranda Sings".
Rhett and Link Kriss Kut, Kut Kriss Rhett McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln Neal III are an Internet entertainment and advertising duo, as well as musicians and YouTube personalities under the name "Rhett and Link".
Markiplier Marc Marinara, Dr. Shark An American internet personality, video game commentator, and charity fundraiser.
Brad Paisley Brad the Lime An American country music singer, songwriter and musician.
Andre Meadows Horse, Lord Bread An American comedian and YouTube personality who hosts the series "Black Nerd Comedy".
David Choi Johann Sebastian Bok Choy An American musician and YouTube video producer based in Los Angeles.
Russell Johnson Agent Burrito Best known under the name "OwnagePranks", he is an entertainer, comedian, and YouTube personality.
Katie Wilson Ruby Red Grapefruit An American filmmaker and YouTube personality.
Wilson Cleveland String Cheese, Honeydew An American actor, producer, and writer.
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