Gender Male
Played by Michael Wingate
Death None, but nearly died in an explosion and the 'fourth omen'
First Appearance 2 BILLION VIEWS!

Lou Natic (more commonly known simply as Lou the Tick or just Lou) is a conspiracy theorist tick that lives in a tin foil tent and is a supporting character of The Annoying Orange. He believes that aliens have been interfering with his life and the United Nations refuses to acknowledge their existence. His name is based off of the word "lunatic", as he is Lou the Tick. He first appeared in 2 BILLION VIEWS!, seen thanking the viewers for helping them reach 2 billion views on the Annoying Orange channel. Strangely, he is seen with the others amongst the croud before he is formally introduced. He is in the bottom left corner, near Nude Dude and Captain Obvious. He is introduced in Tea'd Off as a crazy tick who believes in many conspiracy theories. He was worried that Tea was from the government, here to confront him about the manifesto he had published. Pear assures him that Tea wasn't from the government, and he stated that he would continue going on hunger strike until the UN acknowledges the existence of "Area 53". He is later abducted by aliens, which proves theories. Among his conspiracies are "Area 53", which is apparently the real site of the rumored alien crash landing, and Area 51 was just a ruse to distract civilians. Another theory is that aliens have cloned him and the government wants him. He later appears in Orange Coin warning Orange and the gang of how their great fortune may get the best of them. This is when it was shown that he used to own an online currency called Tick Coin. He later starred in the new sitcom "Too Many Fruits" and participated in "Symphony Number Ate" which was conducted by Johann Sebastian Bok Choy.

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