Gender Female
Played by iJustine
Death None
First Appearance Wishful Thinking

Mandy the Passion Fruit was the twin sister of Passion Fruit who was mistaken by Orange for Passion. She is voiced by Justine Ezarik, who also voices Passion. Mandy is in a relationship with Pear, shown when they kissed under Mistletoe. She caused Orange to believe she was Passion, but the mistake is clarified.


Mandy looks similar to her twin sister Passion, except she has a golden bow on her head to show the difference.


  • "Hey,"
  • "I think we'll be okay."
  • (giggles)
  • "Midget Apple is... single?"


She has a personality similar to Passion, but is more flirtatious.


  • Mandy and Pear are the fourth and fifth characters which are shown to be able to move, the others are (in order): Orange, a Broccoli Minion and Marshmallow.
  • Mandy is the second passion fruit to appear.
  • She and her sister are the only passion fruit to appear.
  • Passion Fruit stated on her Facebook page that she will never bring Mandy to a party again, meaning Mandy may not be in another episode again.
  • She was the second character to wear a bow on her head. The first was Green Apple.
  • Mandy and her sister are both played by iJustine.
  • Mandy originally looked like a mirror image of Passion with a bow, but later she seemed the same, just smaller and with the bow.
  • She is the last female character introduced in Season 2.
  • She is identical to Passion Fruit except for the bow on her head.
  • The bow that on her head similar to Green Apple's.

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