―When Midget Apple Is Called Midget Apple

Midget Apple (More commonly refered to as Little Apple) is a main character and also the main tritagonist (tied with Grapefruit) of The Annoying Orange series and also a former member of Banana Monocle. He is often telling people "It's Little Apple!" when he is called Midget Apple, which is offensive to him, but eventually got used to the name.


Midget Apple is a very small anthropomorphic Red Delicious apple who prefers the term "Little Apple" over "Midget Apple" for his name. The character originally appeared in Crabapple as a joke filler, and then slowly became one of the Annoying Orange's main characters in the series. The reason for his small size is unknown.

He works at the fast food chain, DaneBurgers.


Midget Apple grew up with two brothers, Mini Midget Apple, his younger brother, and Corey, his older brother, and his mom.

Midget Apple was first introduced as a joke filler for the episode Crabapple. Orange had first mistook Crabapple for a midget apple, and Crabapple had pointed out that there was a midget apple right next to him. Towards the end of that episode, Crabapple was crushed by Pumpkin, who had also mistook him for a midget apple. Midget Apple's popularity had started to grow since then, and he was re-introduced as a recurring character in Wazzup 3: Bonsai Tree. Because of his small size, Pear had planned Midget Apple to jump out of a cupcake during Orange's birthday party in Happy Birthday!. This is when he had met Marshmallow. Marshmallow wanted to be Midget Apple's friend, as he did with everyone else. Midget Apple had promised to be his best friend if Marshmallow got him out of the cupcake. However, Orange and Pear were responsible for Midget Apple's escape. During Season 3, he, along with Marshmallow had replaced Passion Fruit's place as the tritagonist of the series, leaving her the fifth, going on seventh position character. Orange frequently makes fun of his size, and doesn't listen to Midget Apple when he prefers to be called "Little Apple". However, despite his small size, he is able to operate large vehicles. He hobby is murdering zombies while in his monster truck, and he is was once operating a bit on his gaming channel known as Midget Apple Gaming. Midget Apple Gaming was turned into the main gaming channel. However, he is usually interrupted by Orange while playing his games. He was voted most likely to play in the NBA (National Basketball Association) in Cruel Middle School. This had become ironic due to the fact that he is vertically challenged.



Little Apple has a couple of friends, either one-sided or full friends.



Orange and him have had a very... interesting relationship. Orange frequently makes fun of him due to his small size. However, outside of that, the two are actually quite similar. Midget Apple acts as a more easygoing Pear who can take a joke, and the two get along pretty well.



Pear and Midget Apple are pretty similar in that they find Orange annoying, but Midget Apple frequently calls Pear boring, which strains their relationship.



Since Wishful Thinking, he considers Marshmallow as his best friend. The two are similar in height, but really, Midget Apple just likes ol' marshy's bubbly personality.


Ao grapefruit 174x252.png

Midget Apple and Grapefruit frequently do challenge videos against each other, and do consider each other really good friends. However, Grapefruit figured out that Midget Apple was illiterate, and frequently brought this up, annoying our little friend.

Passion Fruit

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He considers Passion a really good friend and thinks Orange has a crush on her.

Love Interest Sis:

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He developed a crush on Sis, leaving an interesting situation with her brother, Orange. However, a misunderstanding made Sis think he hated her.


Midget Apple has many family members.



  • Midget Apple stated on Facebook that "Tiny Apple" and "Small Apple" are accepted nicknames; it can be any synonym of "little" as long as it's not "midget".
  • There is an apple cultivar called "Midget Crabapple", which is possibly the origin of his name.
  • He, along with Pear, Marshmallow, Grapefruit, and Grandpa Lemon are so far the only main characters who started as minor characters.
  • His photo picture is a monster truck.
  • Despite the fact that he is little, he seems to like extreme sports, like his theme song shows.
  • According to his theme song, he can play the guitar.
  • The decals on his truck reads "Midget Apple".
  • He glows red when he has a hot bath.
  • He can't read or write; he is illiterate.
  • His favorite color is purple.


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