More Annoying Orange
Gender Male
Played by Dane Boedigheimer
Death Knifed and juiced (revived), crushed by anvil (revived again), stung by bee
First Appearance More Annoying Orange

More Annoying Orange is a character who appeared in the episode of the same name. He is first seen being taken out of a cooler that Dane Boedigheimer placed on the counter. Orange at first, is delighted to see another orange in the kitchen. But when Orange began trying to tell jokes, he kept interrupting and began making annoying noises (much like Orange does). This, however, upset and actually annoyed Orange. Orange was very frustrated until he saw a juicer being placed next to More Annoying Orange. Knife then appeared and sliced More Annoying Orange, who was then juiced while he screamed in fear and terror. Orange was relieved by his dismissal and laughed while More Annoying Orange was being killed, but this was short-lived, as more oranges showed up from the same cooler and began annoying Orange. More Annoying Orange later appeared in Annoying Ways to Die as a glass of orange juice who was later crushed by an anvil. He was revived to reprise his role in Crappy Captioned 4: More Annoying Orange, only to be stung to death by a bee.


  • He is the second orange in the series and is the first to actually annoy Orange, hence his name, "More Annoying Orange", as he is considered to be more annoying than Orange himself.
  • He is the first character whose death doesn't make Orange feel sorry for. This won't happen again until Red Shirt Special, where all the deaths are uncared because they are too one-note and easy to get rid of.

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