Gender Male
Played by Jacksfilms (formerly)
Kevin Brueck (currently)
Death Peeled, cored and knifed (revived), eaten by Werewolf (revived again), Almost died in explosion (revived again), eaten by Bob in the sink (revived again)
First Appearance Nude Dude

Nude Dude

Nude Dude in his debut

Nude Dude (originally known as Apple before he was peeled, also known as Barewolf) is a recurring character who first appeared in Nude Dude. Ever since, he has made multiple appearances in the series, despite being knifed in the same episode. Unlike most apples, he enjoys Orange's jokes and according to Orange, he is "not a total apple".


Nude Dude begins as a normal fruit in the kitchen. He and Orange are making jokes together, annoying Potato. Nude Dude is then peeled by Dane Boedigheimer possibly to be put into an apple pie. However, after being skinned alive, he is put back on the counter to be cored, giving him a chance to joke around with Orange about being "naked". Nude Dude is then knifed and put on a plate to be taken away and eaten. This causes Orange despair. Potato is very happy about this, until he gets knifed. Nude Dude is then mysteriously revived and decides to go trick-or-treating with Orange, Pear, Midget Apple and Marshmallow. They all go to a house where Grandpa Lemon was staying for the night, and trick-or-treated. Grandpa Lemon, also thinking that Nude Dude was actually naked, had requested that they leave. Much to their irony, the clouds kept blocking the full Moon, which had caused Nude Dude to turn into a werewolf, and got the nickname "Barewolf". He was then eaten by an actual werewolf. Nude Dude is mysteriously revived again and seeks occupation as one of Midget Apple's new partners. Midget Apple refuses to let him join, because he, too thought that Nude Dude was naked. However, he, along with Captain Obvious, Orange, Melony Vavoom and Grandpa Lemon had become Midget Apple's new partner. He has made many appearances since then.


  • Despite that most fruits think that they are nude when they are peeled, they actually never wore clothes to begin with. They are actually missing their skin (which is a big problem even for fruits).
  • When Jacksfilms was replaced by Kevin Brueck, his eyes are noticably larger.