Orange's Sister
Gender Female
Played by Jess Lizama
Death None
First Appearance Annoying Sister

Orange's Sister is a younger sibling of Orange and I. R. Orange and a supporting character of The Annoying Orange. She made her debut in Annoying Sister visiting Orange in the kitchen in late September. Orange's sister was proven to be as annoying as Orange, as this sort of personality runs in Orange's family. This was proven in Mommy and Me when Orange and his mother began annoying a yam together, and were proven to be equally annoying. In this episode, Orange and his sister begin annoying a can of beans.


Orange's Sister made her debut in Annoying Sister. TShe and Orange first began to explain to Beans their belief that whatever rhymes is a truthful fact. Beans contradicts this poppycock theory by saying that "a rabid skunk was on the loose who wears a hat and goes by Bruce". Orange and his sister actually believe him, and begin to panic. Beans then goes to assure them that this rumor wasn't true, and he is then accused of lying. Beans then get very upset, and tells them both to be quiet. Ironically, Orange and his sister ended up warning him about Bruce, the rabid skunk that was mentioned earlier. She later appeared in WHITE ELEPHANT participating in the white elephant gift exchange. She seems to have similar traits to her brother Orange as well, an example being that she, along with the rest of the gang, kept playing her silver kazoo as loud as she could having no consideration for the fact that Pear had a headache. She made another appearance in Valentine's Candy Crush where it was revealed that Midget Apple had a crush on her. For some reason, this had infuriated Orange. Orange, still furious, went into the refrigerator to rage to the point where it shook the entire room. While this was happening, Midget Apple told Orange's Sister to open the package that he had ordered for her. When she opened the box, however, it was revealed that the candy hearts started to read very crude messages. The hearts then explained that their messages were romantic before they were dropped off of a moving UPeeS truck, dropped into a lake, and then thrown into a fire by the delivery man who kept repeatedly asking Midget Apple to sign for the package. Despite the hearts themselves explaining what had happened, Orange's Sister still blamed Midget Apple for the hearts' sour attitudes and ran away. Shortly after, Orange gave Midget Apple his consent to date his sister. But after that, the One-Armed Man used a hammer to crush all of the candy hearts, and attempted to crush Midget Apple as well. However, Orange's Sister jumped out and rescued Midget Apple from a crushing fate, despite being upset with him for something that he didn't do. Even after this, the delivery man still wouldn't stop asking for a signature. She has made appearances in many episodes after that one as a recurring character.


  • She did not appear in Meet the Oranges when Orange's parents had come to visit him at the fruit cart, mainly because she had yet to be introduced to the series.
  • She revealed that their parents still live on an orchard.                                                                                                                

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