Gender Males
Played by Dane Boedigheimer
Death None
First Appearance More Annoying Orange

The Oranges were minor characters who only appeared at the end of More Annoying Orange. They were seen emerging from the cooler that Orange had come from, and considering that they were as annoying as that orange was, they annoys Orange much as his jealous and dismay.


  • Orange did not tell them any jokes or puns because he wanted to avoid them.
  • The first oranges in the group that speak sound very similar to the original Orange.
  • The second oranges in the group sound very similar to Pear.
  • The oranges has a green spot on them.
  • The death was not seen on the episode, but they could have been knifed and juiced, just like the other orange.
  • Some of them were cross eyed.
  • They are the first team characters