Gender Male
Death None, but lost an attempt after Blinky's attack
First Appearance Pacmania

Pac-Man is the protagonist of the game series of the same name. He first appeared in Pacmania, when he and Orange switched positions.


In Pacmania, Pac-man switched places with Orange after he was attacked by Blinky from the Ghost Gang and disappeared, making him
Pacman In Real Life

Pacman as he appeared in the kitchen

lose an attempt. While Orange annoyed and defeated the ghosts, Pac-man annoyed Pear because he was trying to talk to Pear, but only communicates in the sound he makes. All Pear heard was Pac-man making the same noise continuously for three hours while Orange was in the game. The episode ended when Dane Boedigheimer putting a container of strawberries on the counter, where they were devoured by him. He also appeared in Annoying Orange Vine Compilation #1: Bacon Strips & Twerky Jerky trying to eat a different strawberry.