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Passion Fruit was a main character on the Annoying Orange series. As a female-anthropomorphic passion fruit, she was originally the tritagonist, but was later overshadowed by breakout characters Midget Apple and Marshmallow, and therefore became the fifth position character. Passion Fruit is currently the only main female protagonist in the Annoying Orange series due to a lack of female characters. As of Season 5 to present, Passion Fruit is now a minor character on the Annoying Orange due to a whole lack of appearances in many episodes.


Passion Fruit was purchased by Dane Boedigheimer along with Grapefruit at Trader Joe's. Orange had fallen in love with her at first sight, and was very forthright about his opinion of her appearance. They were both getting to know each other until Dane had taken Grapefruit out of the bag. Grapefruit got the notion that Passion Fruit was in love with him instead of Orange. Orange had mistaken Grapefruit for a "chubby orange", offending Grapefruit. Grapefruit was acting very hostile towards Orange, while Orange was annoying him. Passion Fruit eventually lost her temper and broke up the fight. She ended up scolding Grapefruit and Orange for their behavior until Grapefruit was knifed. After witnessing this, Passion Fruit was very frightened. Orange assured her that she would get used to the kitchen while sitting next to a nervous Pear. From then on she was the main tritagonist of the series. However, she was overshadowed by breakout characters and former joke fillers Midget Apple and Marshmallow. Passion Fruit is now the fifth, going on seventh position character. She has become the least active character on her social media pages and on the OrangeCraft server. Since early Season 4 she has appeared in episodes of the web series very rarely (almost as an uncommon but recurring character). However, she appears very frequently on the television series and remains the tritagonist there. Orange had revealed that he was as attracted to Passion Fruit as she was to him. However, they are too nervous to tell each other their true feelings. Numerous distractions have inevitably occurred to terminate the moment of answer to a long-asked question (similar to the many times Marshmallow nearly revealed his gender). However, she and Orange still remain very good friends (and it was anticipated that they would eventually get married and start a family).

Passion Fruit has recently went to Antarctica, where she met G.G. They became boyfriend and girlfriend, and returned to the kitchen. Orange & Grapefruit were upset and fought over her. Over time, Passion's feelings for G.G decreased, until they broke up, also because they were revealed to be cousins, leaving Orange to tell her how he felt about her and lighting up TNT to prove it.


Passion Fruit is a cheerful, calm, and pacific, with the actions somewhat of a teenage girl mixed in. Orange has a crush on her, though recently, Orange just considers Passion Fruit as one of his friends (this is probably just to hide his true feelings for her). She can get furious, sometimes when Orange talks about people in an offensive way, like when she discovered that he called Onion's mother a "funnyun with a bunion". Passion Fruit is very intelligent and is often shown resolving abysmal situations quickly.


  • She is the first character to not have been played by Dane Boedigheimer in the Annoying Orange series.
  • She is the third longest surviving character in the Annoying Orange series, with Orange first and Pear second.
  • She is the first female character to appear in the Annoying Orange series.
  • Because her sister is shown to be able to walk, it is very likely that she can walk too. (this is further supported by the fact that you can hear Pear's and her footsteps in Exploding Orange).
  • Passion Fruit is on Facebook and Twitter.
  • On that note, Passion Fruit stated on Facebook that she will never bring Mandy to a party again, meaning Mandy will probably not be in another episode again.
  • She is the only main character to not appear in a Wazzup episode.
  • She has knowledge about law, as seen in the Food Court episode when she defended Orange in court.
  • She made an appearance in the game Kitchen Carnage, even though she did not appear in the advertisement of the same name.
  • It was revealed that she is a black belt in an unknown martial art in Annoying Orange vs. Angry Birds.
  • Passion Fruit is the only main character that hasn't starred in or made appearances in any Annoying Orange gaming videos.
  • She is revealed to be a secret agent in web-series canon in Return of Passion.
  • In the comments for Ask Orange, Orange is often told to reveal his true feelings for Passion Fruit. However, he refuses to do so and always attempts to keep it hidden from her and the audience, no matter how many comments regarding this are submitted nor how forceful they are.
  • It was shown that she and G.G were cousins.


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