Red Sour Ranger
Gender Male
Played by Steven Zurita
Death None
First Appearance Sour Rangers

The Red Sour Ranger (also known as Red Zucchini), is the leader of the four Sour Rangers who first appeared in the episode Sour Rangers. He, along with the other Sour Rangers, PinkYellow, and Green, were minding their own business when their mentor, Oron, interrupted and notified them of Marshageddon, the evil cousin of Marshmallow, who was on a rampage destroying puppies with his laser gun and posing a threat to the kitchen. The four Sour Rangers morphed, and prepared to fend off against Marshageddon, but Green stated that every time they fight a monster, it eventually grows big, and they have to fight it in that state by forming Super Megagourd. He stated that they could just instantly form Super Megagourd and simply stomp on Marshageddon. Red stated that Marshageddon was small, so they would fight him small, regardless that he would eventually grow large anyway. Marshageddon used his magic microwave to expand massively in size, and Super Megagourd was formed by the Sour Rangers, who used it to slice Marshageddon with the Power Knife and kill him. The episode ended with the arrival of the Glower Rangers, the evil counterparts of the Sour Rangers, who prepared to fight them while small, much to Green's dismay and anger. In Sour Rangers 2, they fended off against Lord Bread, who was defeated when Super Megagourd combined with Grapefruit, whose new juice bar was destroyed in the battle.


  • He appears to be the strongest of the Sour Rangers.