Robert Jennings
Gender Male
Death None
First Appearance HEY YOUTUBE!!!

Robert Jennings (more commonly known as Bobjenz) is a voice actor who has played many characters in The Annoying Orange, but is best known for playing Grapefruit. He is also a supporting character of The Annoying Orange. In the Annoying Orange series, he is the second most-used voice actor (the most-used overall being Dane Boedigheimer, who does over 50 percent of the voices on The Annoying Orange). He runs four YouTube channels: Bobjenz, Vlogjenz leprechaun and ZombieGeorgeW (along with ZGWPlays). Jennings created a new show on his main channel called "The Topic". He talks about one topic for about 1 to 3 minutes. He is also a staff member on the Orangecraft server. Aside from his usual Grapefruit character, Robert also plays a vast array of supporting characters including Annoying Orange's other enemy Liam the Leprechaun.