Snapshot 15
Gender Female
Friends Personal friends and tanning salon guests
Enemies Orange (possibly), Dane Boedigheimer (as the person who prank called)
First Appearance Prank Call 1: Tannin N

Shelly is an actual employee at an unknown tanning salon. She was also a minor character who only appeared in Prank Call 1: Tanning Salon. She was being prank called by Orange, who wanted to get a tan. She thought the entire time that Orange was actually a human being, and grew worried when she was informed about Orange's natural skin tone. She had finally told Orange to consult a doctor and asked why he needed their services. Orange claimed that he wanted to look a bit more "tangerine".


  • She is the second female to appear, the first being Passion Fruit.
  • She is the first character that is not actually in the cast.
  • She is the first and only person to be prank called by Orange so far.